I Like A Girl That I work with a lot

She used to flirt we me before the lockdown. this was at the time where i didn't see her as anything. it was fun and flattering at the time. she would touch my face, stroke my stomach, and just seemed very shy around me. this was all while she had a boyfriend.

I didn't really care but thought that she had the nicest body i had ever seen in my life. I thought about her a lot during the lockdown and she grew in my imagination. I then looked forward to seeing her. She was very different and seemed more committed to her boyfriend. in response, I did childish things that made it very obvious that i was into her. w

Her and I and very nice to each other now and sometimes I feel like the connection is still there. I never told her anything, but I just "feel it" between us. She comes a little to close sometimes to talk, she touches me, and i don't really know. I wrote about it to myself and my conclusion? leave her alone. I do dream about us together though

Oct 24

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  • There's an old saying: "If she cheats with you, she'll cheat on you."

    If you get with this girl don't be surprised that in the future she'll be going around flirting, touching, and making other men feel like you do now. You aren't the first and you won't be the last. I even doubt you are the only one she's doing this to right now.

    She does all this, while showing little to no remorse or consideration towards her boyfriend's feelings about it, that alone should terrify you. She is an obvious sociopath.

    Women are not as "shy" and innocent as you'd like to think. When people say Women think with their "feelings and emotions", that's another say of saying women are impulsive, lack self-control, and lack boundaries. This girl is the epitome of an attention seeking w****. F*** em and forget em. And if her boyfriend does find out, consider it a favor you are doing for him. He needs to know what kind of w**** she is and the sooner the better.

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