Looked elsewhere for love

I got married 6 years ago when i was 19 and he was 29. At first it was all good then it slowly changed,if i went out he hated it i had to stay in and watch him drink till he passed out, I never complained to him about how rubbish the s** was or how small his d*** is,I loved him for who he was and put up with his little 4 inch maggot, two good things about his drinking is i don't have to sleep with him as he can't get it up when he's had a few and that the truth comes out like when he told me that he slept with my best friend,I was pretending to everyone that everything is great but my cousin Ben seen right through it and i told him it all,Ben was lovely said i should talk to him and try and get him help to stop his drinking but ben said something that i don't think he realized at the time he mentioned that he was jealous,I left it for a while then asked him why he was jealous and everything changed when he confessed that he has always fancied me,to hear someone say they used to m********* thinking about you and hearing them say they would of loved to swap places with my husband and be the one that was f****** me it was nice to hear,that moment i just went for it and said let's go to bed then,holy s*** when he took off his boxer shorts and i saw what ive been missing in my life i knew i made the right decision going to bed with him,Ben had the biggest d*** i have seen a massive a 9 inch meat stick,we spent the whole night in bed and the s** was amazing i had multiple o****** and going home the next morning my husband didn't even no i was out, seven months now we been s******* and have even done it in my house with my husband home passed out, first time was when my husband was upstairs and ben tore off my underwear and screwed me in our kitchen another time was when he was in the same room,I no it isn't nice to say but i can't go back to 4 inches when i have 9.

Oct 30

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