That went sideways.

10 years ago I was at a party with about 20-25 people, Just an average after bar party, It was at some random house of someone who knew someone or someone who offered to throw a party or whatever, I was having fun and flirting with one guy in particular, My friend Jess came up and said she needed a bathroom but the main one was "occupied" so the guy I was flirting with led us down a hallway to what I assume was his room and it had a bathroom attached.
She went into the bathroom and we started making out, We were getting going and a few minutes in she came out, We were just being drunk and fooling around, Stupid college girl stuff and he was urging us to continue, A little kissing and then a little touching and then Jess commented on my cleavage, I am 5'5" tall and have DDD's and he commented as well, With a little tugging on my top from the two of them and me pretending to not want to pretty soon my top was down. Me and Jess are close but not like that but she was really playing along and she grabbed one of my nips making me jump.
It carried on and she ended up with hers out, B's and not super amazing, She very much dislikes them, They are as I said B's and hang a little with kinda big nips for the size of them, I don't think they are terrible but she doesn't like them at all, Anyway in retaliation I grabbed her nip and she didn't jump, She bit her bottom lip and moaned, Lol, I kinda was like (Oh, Ummm...Ok) and she giggled and shook her head at me biting her bottom lip. On and on it went and he had locked the door, He had sort of just grabbed my pants and pulled them out and looked down them, I keep a thin stripe and then he pulled hers out and looked down them and yeah, Ok, I looked too, She keeps hers bald so everyone was laughing about that.
She had piped up and said "Hey, You've seen ours...Soooo...WTF", He laughed and made a (Go for it) motion, I had never done anything like this with a friend so I was nervous but she was always a little more forward than me and in the two years we knew each other she was considerably more...Experienced than me so I just assumed she had more experience with this sort of thing also even though she was 2 years younger than me (I started college late). She was the one who undid his belt, I unzipped his pants, She pulled them down and motioned to me to pull it out, I reached in his underwear and grabbed it and looked at her wide eyed, She got an excited look on her face and then she grabbed his underwear and pulled them down.
Long after that night we had a wild night and I measured it...7.5" long but the girth was always what got me the most, Anyway that will make more sense at the end of this, We were both standing there and I think she was as shocked as I was at his size, He is a tall guy but still, He was above what I would consider proportionate to his physical size, Some kissing and groping and then I don't even remember how but she ended up on the bed, No top, Feet on the floor and her pants at her ankles with no underwear which was uncommon for her. There was a brief moment where I was like looking around like (Whoa...Hey...What did I miss here) and then next thing I knew I was standing between her knees, Leaning over her and we were kissing, She made a joke about my b**** crushing her and we all laughed and then my pants were at my ankles, Thong pulled to the side and I basically laid my head on her chest as I felt his tongue.
Oh my god, I was in heaven, It was amazing and he knew exactly how to hit every cord to make me his puppet and soon my pants and thong were gone, and he got me on my knees straddling her and then her pants were gone and he was licking us both, Such an odd thing to have both of us going crazy for his super talented tongue at the same time and then he stood up and I gasped, Oh my god, He started sliding it in me and I am on my elbows just inches from her face, She is holding my hair and looking at me. It took some work, No bull s***, He did not just slide in but...When he did he blew my mind completely and h was able to reach things that I didn't even know would feel good, There was some switching around and she got her legs wrapped around my waist, Ankles crossed and she slid down so he could reach her...VagJJ, He pulled out of me and she gasped, I knew he was putting it in her and she get wide eyed and reached down saying "Oh f***, Stop, Stop, Stop, Too much", He started stroking in and out of her and I could tell he was just doing short strokes.
We ended up all over that bed, Back and forth in about 300 different positions and we were in the midst of switching when he grabbed my hips and we ended up with her on her back, Me face down between her thighs and I was so far into this whole thing that I didn't even give it a second thought and just went for it, We did end up doing the other way too so it wasn't one sided, We did the sixty nine also about 10 times and in the end we had what I am sure has never been done before, He made us both O in a way neither of us ever had before.
We were back at the edge of the bed, Her legs around my waist again and he was licking and fingering both of us, I don't even know how he had so many fingers and hands or how the h*** he did it but he was hammering both of us and we were holding each other tight, Me on top with my knees on the bed so my pelvis was pressed against hers and he had one hand on my lower back holding me down against her and when it happened it happed in unison, We were kissing and then we both started to shake and I was trying to close my knees, She was squeezing my waist with her thighs and we started moaning together and then....And I hate this term but we...Both squirted.
It was honestly gross afterward and rumor was he had to get a new mattress but he was going fast and hard and it was (Insert gag emoji) splashing everywhere, He was going back and forth from her vag to mine and it was running everywhere, I started begging "Stop, Stop, Stop" and he kinda did but kinda softly rubbed and I gasped and then when I let the breath out I came again and flooded her, the bed, The floor and it was so mind bending that I started crying and don't know why, Embarrassment maybe, Maybe he just broke my brain for a minute, I have no clue but she made a wincing face and said "Let go" and then unlocked her ankles so he was obviously holding them, She spread her legs and winced moaning "Oooohhh fuuuuuck" as she lowered her legs, we were both shaking and it took all I could muster to roll off of her, We both looked down and we were like soaked from our stomachs down and the floor was wet like a puddle.
She rolled onto her stomach and moved up the bed, I slid up beside her on my back and he spread my legs and slid back in me, I was like (Oh f*** dude, No) but he was quick, It didn't take long and he was doing me, Reaching over groping her butt and then she turned and looked at me just as he pulled out, He shoved it between my b**** and held them together as he told her to lay beside me, She did and he grabbed it and came, He was intentionally trying to get it on both of our faces and yeah, Whatever, he did, we were both trying to block it with our hands but he kept pulling them away and did get at least some on each of our faces.
Afterward she kind of scolded him while saying we were going to use his shower and he flopped back on the bed, We got in and couldn't even look each other in the eye and when we got out he was standing there, He watched us towel off then he got in and rinsed off, and got out, We got dressed and he did too and then we left the bedroom with everything still soaking wet, there were only about 3 people left but just enough to spread it all over campus that we had been in his room together. We had an awkward couple weeks after and then it sort of...Disappeared.
It had to have been 2 months later that she came home and stumbled in around noon and told me she had run into him again, He had been working over seas and had just gotten back, She ran into him and went home with him, I hadn't really given him much thought except remembering how amazing he was in bed but I felt my heart sink a bit that she went home with him, They started dating and we talked about a lot and I know that it took months before she said she could fit him all the way in, Months turned into 2.5 years and then I was her maid of honor, We had a crazy wedding party and I got to give him half a handy and about a 10 second blowie and then she pulled him away to their room. Years later at a garage party I held it in my hand and measured it with her watching and started stroking it but she pulled my hand away and I laid in bed with my passed out husband and listened to her moan in the spare room right below mine.
It has been many years, we are all in our early 40's now and I am divorced but I would still let him rock my world and give me one more bed flooding O like he did that night but...I guess she got him in the end and unless I can convince her into a repeat which she has up till now been a hard NO on then I guess all I can do is keep trying.

Nov 18

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  • Don't mess with your friends husband if you value your friendship a all, I know first hand how it can ruin a relationship between them and between you and her, I let my friend talk me into a 3 way with her and her husband after 4 year of divorce for me and within 6 months we did it 4 times total and then she admitted that she had been trying to use that to repair a broken relationship and all it did in the end was tear the 3 of us apart and we haven't talked for 3 years.

  • Well whippy doo...................

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