I learned at an early age that if you can't stand sucking d*** you won't be very suck-cesfull in a relationship...
and sure enough my mouth has made me a much desirable date..i made all wait till the end of week to ask me out ..who ever got to me first got me..... most of my girlfriends didn't like me for that it made them feel they were second best but ohh well ..
even though i could have just about any boy in school the only time i almost got pregnant was with Mr Wesley.. i had to get a better grade and sucking him all year long i let him f*** me without a condom even though he pulled out it almost got me in trouble

Nov 19

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  • Sucking got me out of summer school last year. I was failing math and would have to make it up over the summer in order to keep up. One b****** got me a C minus.

  • That a girl. You are learning early. I’m a VP of a major corporation. Got here by sucking and spreading my legs.

  • Me too. I learned in my early teens that you can get anything I want (including any guy) with s**. You are right, I was not popular with my fellow females, but I didn't care. I had fun!

  • Me as well, by the time I met my husband I had a body count in excess of 100.

    I met Jim when I was 23, about a year after college. When I felt him inside of me I knew that I needed to spend the rest of my life with him. He was 24 and a virgin. He is Caucasian but has a c*** that rivals any BBC I ever enjoyed.

    We been married for 26 years now and I never been with anybody else since that moment I first felt him inside me.

    Girls, enjoy life. Bag as much as you can and when you feel that c*** inside you that feels better than any other you need to marry that man and make that c*** yours for life.

    Trust me I’ve never been happier

  • My 2nd wife was only 19, I was 30 and should have known better, but the first time I saw her naked, I was lost.
    She most certainly was an expert. She could have made a fortune but she gave it away.
    She had some kind of crazy competition with several of her girlfriends, something about who could bag the most boys. She told me she had either jacked off, blown or had s** with every boy in her senior class, which was 159 (I checked her school album) She said there was just two she didn't get to, both she assumed were gay because they would have nothing to do with her.
    More likely they knew her reputation, afraid of disease but somehow she never caught anything. No pregnancy either, on the pill since age 12.
    We lasted 3 years, she never stopped sampling everyone and I do mean everyone. I couldn't deal with that.

  • That’s sad. I am the lady you replied to above. I have not had s** with another man since I married my husband over 25 years ago until my husband arranged for two young black men to spend the weekend with us in the JW Marriott.

    I used my experience to rock my husband’s world and never asked him for the weekend, but boy was it amazing to finally enjoy BBC again. And to enjoy DP again.

    I thought that I out grew that. But this 50 year old woman was in heaven with two young h**** 22 year old black men.

    It was hard to give that up. But I did so because I love my husband and I love him even more today after giving me that incredible weekend

    You need to find a wife who is willing to give it all up for you.

    But I hope you did get a chance to enjoy the fruits of her experiences

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