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I think my most embarrassing moment was being washed on shore practically showing everything. It's risky wearing a string bikini in waving beach, but showing off a lot of skin when you have nice body is kind of ** having guys looking you. That day I was in waist high water waving at my two girl friends and their boy friends with my back towards the sea. I just felt this huge wave slamming into my back, tumbling towards the shore washed up on the sand. It took me a few seconds to realize my top was rapt around my neck and my bottom down to my knees. When looked up every one on that beach were looking hanging out ** and my freshly shaved ** and my girl friends boy friends running towards me with a towel. I was so humiliated I quickly left the beach. My girl friends later told there boy friends thought I had nice looking ** breaking up with laughter.

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  • Over the summer I had a "forced" wardrobe malfunction. I took my teenage son and a few of his friends to the lake for the day. We were all in the water splashing and wrestling around. Apparently 2 of his friends had a plan. One of the grabbed my arms and dunked me under the water. the other boy grabbed my bikini bottoms and pulled the completely off. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't get out of the water and because my son was around I couldn't call attention to the problem. The boys played it cool and took advantage of things. I stood in chest high water begging for my bikini back. They made me wait an hour as they molested me. I guess they finally got tired of ** my ** and **, giving me back my bikini. I was so embarrassed.

  • Did you give those young men a chance to enjoy what they saw

  • I've had wardrobe problems almost every time I've gone in the water at a beach. Some were more embarrassing then others. Some of the times were partly planned. My favorite time was unplanned. I was a young mother, my baby kept pulling down my one-piece to expose my breast. Everyone in my group laughed and it just egged my baby to do it more and more. He eventually got upset when I covered up and my group of friends all encouraged me to just let my son win and stay basically **. I went along with 'that' longer than in needed to because it was very embarrassing, in a GOOD way

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