I have beaten my meat at the age of 7.

When I was 7,I was on youtube and found a ytp about the Nintendo switch parental control and in one of the little segments it had bowser jr going on a website called rule 34,and my dumbass not knowing what that meant and curious on why everything was blured out,I wanted to see what it was,and on that website I found a video where a female and male were having s**,I what went through my mind was "what If I did that" so I grabbed my pillow and humped it every time the guy thrusted in the girl,until I had a strong feeling to pee,so I ran to the bathroom,but when I got to the toilet,nothing came out,so now I was curious again to see what it was if it wasn't pee,so I did it again until that pee feeling came back but I didn't stop this time,and it definitely wasn't pee,I didn't know what it was but now I do.
The worst thing to think about this whole situation is that, it is very possible that the first p*** I masturbaited to had princess peach in it.

Nov 19

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