Me and my friend

Once i was with my friend just playing happily outside when i say "right im going to go in quickly because in need the toilet" then he said "wait what is it a poo or pee" and i said "a poo why?" and then he said "follow me" so we both went up to these bushes that we use to play in and he said "here go there so being like 8 years old i just said "ok" so i bent over and he bent over as well and watch me poo and he took all his clothes off after i had done and told me to do the same we both had erctions and he layed on the floor and told me to lay on top and and when i did my c*** sliped into his but crack and i said "hey i have and idea" so i grabed my willy and layed down again but this time put my willy in his but hole and not knowing what s** was i just layed there on top and did nothing. the next day we went up to the bushes again but this time he needed a poo so he said "put your willy in my bottom again" so i did then he started to push then pooed on my willy and stuff like this happened for about a year after we use to go round each others house and poo and pee our pants just for fun and if we didn't need a poo or pee we would run around naked and play dear games and do stuff like lick all the way up your but crack or suck each others willies and we even used to be in school and if one of us asked to go to the toilet then the other would ask and we would do it in the toilets. then the other day (4 years later) i saw him and we did a 1 off thing and he pooed on my willy and this time i new what bum s** was so i bumed him he bumed me and we both had poo come out on to our willies it was the best :D


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  • you are sick .

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