Turned into a sissy slave

I confess that for the last week i have been turned into a sissy slave. I was made to wear girly slippers and ** and bra i was then made to record myself spanking my ** 20 times hard while i counted each slap. I was then made to get dressed up the next day in my sissy outfit and dance for her really girly like twerking my ** to ariane grandes god is a woman song. I then was made to write on my chest in permanent marker that im a ** ** and a ** dumpster. She even made me write sissy ** on my forehead. She then made me eat my dinner of the bathroom floor as she filmed me live to her friends. The worst part tho is that i loved it and she said this was just the beggining.

Next Confession

I'm feeling sick

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  • My wife took me tor Mistress for special sissy spanking. I had ** in my pretty ** tooo many times. I was locked into the stocks (pillory) and with no mercy i received 200 swats of a prison strap. When she was done I said i be a naughty boy for them and i would deserve more spanking. My wife now excited and wet said she wanted to see me caned. She asked what i would do for a caning. I said something naughty i do but you have not seen. I told her i wanted the 2 of them watch ** **. Show how good i was at giving blow jobs and how much i liked sucking **. For her to see a big ** ** in my mouth. I admitted i had sucked many many **. I begged to be her sissy ** cuckold. Mistress performed the no nonsense, no mercy caning a ** sissy husband deserved.
    Now i ** ** on my wifes command. No matter where we are, no matter who it is, no matter who might watch.

  • I wish it was me I would love that

  • Here's a new challenge for you Tiktokers and YouTubers out there, it's the Toenail Sandwich Challenge.

It involves wearing Flip Flops to a Subway and ordering a $5 Footlong Sandwich.

Then after ordering your sandwich take your flops off to go use the restroom and put your bare feet in the toilets.

Then exit the restroom and go to your table and start smelling your feet to get attention.

Then open your sandwich, put your foot in your sandwich, and ** your toes on your sandwich until Subway Employees kick you out of the store.

So come on het to it, this is the newest Viral Trend like Tide Pod Eating, Condom Snorting, and Gorilla Gluing your hair.

So Come on Let's Go Eat some Toenail Sandwiches on Youtube and Tiktok. Email me at hachingloop6@gmail.com to tell me about your experience and I will send back pics of myself and some pre-teens going hot and heavy in my bedroom.

  • My wife makes me totally feminize myself every day as soon as I get home from work. If I am not working I do it at 6 am and I stay that way until I have to go to work. One way or another everyone who knows me has found out so the only male friends I have now are the ones that are ** me. I am so much happier now ,I don't have to worry about some friend wanting me to do man things with them any more. If a man calls it is to tell me he is coming over or to tell me to go see him because he is ** and wants to use my mouth and sissy ** for **. My wife loves to make videos of me sucking men's ** and being ** hard like a little ** . She makes me watch them when she lets me ** and now the only way I can get it up is when I watch videos of men ** me and treating me like a ** toy.

  • That's a good girl

  • Maybe you should join the marine corps and get a life that is a little more real.

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