Turned into a sissy slave

I confess that for the last week i have been turned into a sissy slave. I was made to wear girly slippers and panties and bra i was then made to record myself spanking my ass 20 times hard while i counted each slap. I was then made to get dressed up the next day in my sissy outfit and dance for her really girly like twerking my ass to ariane grandes god is a woman song. I then was made to write on my chest in permanent marker that im a c*** w**** and a c** dumpster. She even made me write sissy s*** on my forehead. She then made me eat my dinner of the bathroom floor as she filmed me live to her friends. The worst part tho is that i loved it and she said this was just the beggining.

Nov 21

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  • I wish it was me I would love that

  • My wife makes me totally feminize myself every day as soon as I get home from work. If I am not working I do it at 6 am and I stay that way until I have to go to work. One way or another everyone who knows me has found out so the only male friends I have now are the ones that are f****** me. I am so much happier now ,I don't have to worry about some friend wanting me to do man things with them any more. If a man calls it is to tell me he is coming over or to tell me to go see him because he is h**** and wants to use my mouth and sissy ass for s**. My wife loves to make videos of me sucking men's c**** and being f***** hard like a little b**** . She makes me watch them when she lets me j******* and now the only way I can get it up is when I watch videos of men f****** me and treating me like a f*** toy.

  • That's a good girl

  • Maybe you should join the marine corps and get a life that is a little more real.

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