Never again (maybe)

I absolutely loved it but I am going to try and not let it happen again. I am a 45 year old married mother of 3 children. Last week I had s** with my sons 18 year old friend. He stopped by the house out of the blue and it just happened. WOW, I forgot how h**** an 18 year old boy can be! He f***** me 3 times and never lost his h******! He wanted to go again but I was terrified we were going to get caught. I have been on pins and needles every time the doorbell rings expecting to see him again.

5 days

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  • Why not never again? Enjoy and do what you like. We have only one life to live.

  • We live in a small college town. 2 doors down is a small fraternity house, just 6 boys. Occasionally I will make a pan of lasagna or something and drop it by. My husband thinks I am just being a nice neighborhood mom type. But, WOW! I am the one getting taken care of!! Its amazing. They are ALWAYS super h**** and ready to f***.

  • Wow! You are a very lucky lady.

    I have to say I would do the same.

    Enjoy. Nothing better than young h**** men

  • My Son Dances With Bananas
    I spent the day mowing my lawn and I have no idea what that idiot son of mind does when i'm not looking but when my wife returned home from the Mall, she tossed my Bananas off the deck, and I asked her why and she said "They were completely bruised. Plus you've been inserting them into little childrens butts"

I just bought those Bananas the other day and now they've been bruised and I wonder did I buy defective Bananas from Kroger? Well for some reason my idiot son was laughing about it, and I asked him "What was so funny?" After he told me that he ordered more kid p*** from he told me that he DANCED with my Bananas. 

"You don't Dance with Bananas, those are for eating not for that foolishness." 

Those Bananas cost me money that I worked hard for to earn, and then you go and do something as silly and childish such as dancing with bananas!!!

  • Things do happen, I came home from work about a month ago to find my wife of 15 years sitting on our couch crying.
    We were having some work done on the roof over our spare bedroom, two young men were sent by the contractor to do the job, which was fairly large and took 3 days.
    They got to chatting with the wife, she invited them in for lunch, one thing led to another and she ended up in a threesome with two kids young enough to be her own.
    Then after they left, she came to her senses and was terrified, ashamed, fearful I would find out anyway, so she confessed.
    I probably had it coming because several years ago I got involved with a woman from work and met her at a motel a half dozen times, and got caught.
    We had some serious talks and realized we really do love each other, so I was forgiven. So I just hugged her and told her I loved her anyway, and it would all wash off. So, we showered, made love, forgave, but now I happen to KNOW my wife can be seduced in the right situation.
    I will just try to not create any situations.
    I did have her tell me everything, she admitted they both went twice, I asked her if she climaxed, she said admitted with a red face that she lost track of how many.
    With me it is always just once, so I guess I need to work on that.
    Anyway, maybe she has it out of her system, hope so.

  • What a lucky lady. As a 49 year old mother of 3, all I can say is nothing is hotter than the insatiable sec drive of a young man.

    My husband arranged for my sexual fantasy to be realized a couple months ago for or 25th Anniversary. He arranged for my 23 year old son’s twin friends to spend the weekend with us in the presidential suite of the downtown Marriott. Jim had hoped to have some time with me, but those boys tore me up. It was amazing.

    Little did Jim know that the boys and I have enjoyed time together in the past. There is nothing hotter than seeing a young man that you once baby sat erect and ready to pound you. Except maybe seeing twins in that state.

    BTW, now that we know Jim was ok with it. We have been getting together several times a week while the rest of the family is gone. We even met at the local wildlife reserve and had a threesome in our GWagon. I want to get the boys to have a three way in the woods, but they are scared to do so. They said if we get caught they would be arrested as the police would think that these two black young men were raping an “old white lady”

    Guess, I’m just trying to say that once your wife gets to enjoy a couple young hard c**** she won’t be able to stop.

    Just speaking from experience

  • Nothing like a young hard c*** in an older wet p****

  • Oh yes! I’m getting wet just thing about it

  • Yes. A little training and guidance given 15 to 20 young boys are just like slave s**.

  • As an experienced women it’s our obligation to teach these young men how to rock a woman’s world.

    No one should suffer through all the bad s** I had in my younger days.

    The crazy thing is the boys want to learn. They just need someone to show them how and to practice the art of making love

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