Addicted to peeing on furniture

I'm a 28 year old single woman who loves to pee on furniture, specially sofas, recliners, or in someone else's bed. I do it on every date I go on who takes me home. Usually get kicked out, but I love it, specially after I had lots of beer and been holding my pee. I them let go and just drench whatever Im sitting on. Well, last guy I was with loved it. In fact he got real turned on and we f***** right there on the sofa I just soaked. He then got another 6pack and finished it an I peed on the sofa again and we f***** again. He wants to see me again an wanted to come to my place but I dont pee on my stuff so were meeting at his place again. I said I want to pee on his bed an he said ok. The s** is great. Cant wait.

Feb 26, 2020

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  • I like to wear black jeans and go to the movies with a super full bladder and when the lights are out i let it rip. I try to make sure I'm not too close to anyone cuz sometimes you can hear pee splashing as it runs off the chair. first time i did it with my boyfriend i didn't tell him, and he heard it and was real surprized. we leave a little early while its still dark but most people don't notice my pants are wet cuz their black.

  • I pee and poo in my potty till it soaks me and leaks everywhere. I wear a nappy in public and pee when I talk to women. I want them to find out and pull my nappy down and spank me while telling me how disgusting I am.

  • My sister does the same thing. She's nineteen and loves to shock people by urinating in public, in a restaurant, on a bus, just about anywhere.

  • I have a thing for peeing outside or in a coffee can and throwing it outside. Not only at my own house, but, other people's. Family gathering a few weeks ago, and I instinctively just headed outside to pee. Another time, helping my hot, fun-loving and free-spirited older sister put chairs away in her shed, I had to go, unzipped, and peed out the shed door while she watched and joked "Are you peeing in my yard?", being fine with it.

    I used to do damage claims, too, and be in fire or water-damaged homes by myself. At those, I'd unzip or drop to p*** or take a dump no matter where I was. Nobody was coming back anyway, and what did I care? The places smelled of soot or mold, so, a little p*** and t*** wouldn't matter much.

  • That's cool, but you need to graduate to my level of actually peeing where it causes some damage. THATS where the rush is.

  • I totally get the excitement of nappies, peeing, plastic pants.

    What I don't get is just plain messing up someone elses stuff.

  • As I said, I don't mess up mine, but if someone is OK with me messing up their stuff, I'l do it all day long. H***, I'll do it even if they don't want it. I get off on it, don't really care what they think.

  • I’d rub your stupid face in that mess then use your clothes to mop it up and throw your stinking skanky body as far as I could out of my house.
    You’re sick.

  • That's your opinion, I geuss.

  • That is everyone’s opinion. You would be locked in jail for doing that so you are liar.

  • It is hot. My bf loves me peeing on his whole body, but that happens only in bathroom. Make a pee-bed to satisfy your kink.

  • Thanks

  • That’s so hot. I had a hookup who liked when I would p*** on her thighs and I’d let her p*** on my lap while I fingered her. Fun times. I hope you have fun with your boy

  • I plan on it

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