They put on a show

Embarrassing for her, Not me, I attended my sister in laws 40th birthday bash with my wife, Her sister is considerably older than me by 9 years and my wife is 2 years older than me, I was the unofficial photograher/Video guy and caught quite a few moments that I am sure are the source of some so I keep thinking about some and thought I would chronicle the day/night here.
We arrived and started drinking immediately around noon, The entire cast was me, My brother in law and 8 women all in their late 30's-Early 40's, A couple really attractive women and a few not so much but all pretty decent in their own way and for all being moms I guess they all look pretty damned good to be honest. It was basically walk in the door, throw on a BIKINI and pound drinks so by lets say...5:00-6:00 there were some very drunk women hooting and hollering out on the lake side of the cabin my brother in law had rented. As I said I was designated to capture the even for all eternity which actually ended up being quite profitable for me from an eyeful perspective, It's funny how when you put a camera in a guys hand and tell drunk girls he has been instructed to video/Photo things they suddenly don't even think about who is behind the camera.
My sister in law is great, Love her to death but she can be known to have a few too many from time to time or if you asked her husband he may say every time and most of her guests didn't fall too far behind, One of her cousins was there, Total smoke show, Could absolutely be a p*** star with that body even at 42 and she had those massive knockers out at least a dozen times and I got 6 of them on camera, 3 on purpose and 3 she just couldn't contain them. One of my favourite parts of the evening was the bikini top swap competition, 3 of the girls including my wife are very top heavy, 3 more average and 2, 1 being my sister in law are small, My sister in law being the smallest ( not sure how but my wife got ALL the b*** genes there).
My wife and I have chosen not to have kids so being the only non kid woman there her b**** were a bit of a source of some discussion, She doesn't particularly like them since they are large on her 5'5" frame, Oblong areolae and big nips but hey, I think they are great. Anyway, I have never heard or seen her have any sort of physical contact with another girl but she must have at one point had every hand there including my brother in laws on them at one point, Her sister was the one who blurted out "Take your one and only ever chance to feel em" and he did. I am pretty sure he felt a lot of b**** that night.
So sort of start to finish I seen my wife, Her cousin and her sisters one friend wearing bikini tops that DID NOT contain their b**** in any way, Shape or form, Nips, B**** all of it falling out everywhere, It was sort of a fashion show type thing so some of the smaller girls also had issues but from the tops being too big and not staying where they should, Lots of random toplessness for some reason, They had a huge floating platform we all ended up on, Some topless tanning and drinking, Lots of bottoms pulled up butt cracks, Her one friend has fake b**** which were the topic of attention for a while when they were tanning topless right in front of us and I have to admit they are spectacular, She is...Attractive, Blonde, A little on the mom bod side but her rack is great, Big, Round and her nips are the perfect shade of pink with lots of freckles everywhere on her body.
4 of the women had a "Competition" to see who's b**** were saggier and my brother in law and I got to judge it, my sister in law although having the smallest won the saggiest competition lol, She is a smaller girl, An inch or so shorter than my wife but very small chested and heavily freckled, they turned their backs, Did a drunk top drop and turned around, they looked at each other and then dropped their arms.
The first one had bigger b****, Saggy but not awful, A couple visible veins.
The second was medium size, a few stretch marks and big areolae.
the third was my sister in law, Very small, She has to be an a cup or barely a b cup, Small, Saggy, Wrinkly and her nips are oddly long and droopy compared to the other girls which she did spend some time discussing later on.
the fourth was similar to the second and just average mom b****.
After that there was a butt competition which their cousin won and then a nice b**** competition which the one with fake b**** won.
It couldn't have even been 10:00 yet when one girl, The one with big saggy b**** disappeared and when they found her she was passed out, topless, Sprawled on the bed and I was beckoned to take a couple pics, It felt kinda weird being called to take pictures of a passed out girl but....They were all taking turns posing with her, B**** out, Laying across her, Playing with her b**** and Pretending they were gonna lick her b**** and so on so it was pretty hot actually.
Around 11 a couple more filtered off to bed and the hard core ones kept going, Fake b**** was out and their cousin was out and maybe the chubby one who was average looking. There was a short session of kissing, That was interesting, Watching my sister in law and her one friend kiss for a solid 20-30 seconds and it actually got sort of heated, Her friend made the mistake of saying she had never even kissed a girl and I got it on video when my sister in law said "Pffft, get over here, I have kissed a hundred girls" and my wife turned her head and looked at me with her eyebrows up when the hands went onto b****.
It had to have been midnight when my wife stumbled off to bed with a warning to me to "Be good" knowing full well she was leaving me with her sister, The girl she had made out with and probably the second hottest of her sisters friends who was very stumbly and had fallen off her chair already a couple times and was dozing off and on but when someone would suggest going to bed she would retort with "Maybe you should go to bed" haha. Somewhere along the way the girls had put shirts on except the one passing out off and on and then she woke up, Sat up in the chair, Looked down at her...Reasonably decent b**** and said "WTF, My t*** are out" and stumbled off into the house and we later found her passed out face down on the couch.
My brother in law and I were kinda cleaning up and just the two girls were left, He piped up and said "Hey, Fair is fair, I felt your sisters t*** so..." motioning toward me, She scoffed and said He has a pair actually worth feeling, He said "Well, Still", She leaned back and stuck her arms out to the sides which basically made them non existent other than her weird nips and he said "Come on, Stand up" and she tilted her head back, Groaned and then stood up, Stumbled and leaned on the wall and lifted her shirt, I cupped them and they are not even a handful, I was honestly a little fascinated by them, They are just two empty bags of skin with a little bit of fat in them and her friend and her husband sat there watching as I must have played with them for 5 minutes and then I couldn't resist and grabbed her nips, They are so frickin weird but she watched as I rolled them between my fingers and then she said "Oh yeah, tried for an hour and now they get hard when no one can see them" Those are actually the greatest thing I have seen, She said "Keep doing that, Amy...Come here", Her friend came up and all three of them watched me roll her nips in my fingers until they wrinkled up and her long droopy nips turned into reasonably hard humongous nips looking like one of the purple jube jubes, Like the end of your thumb cut off and stuck to a 3/4 deflated balloon all wrinkly, They were awesome, The closest I could find online was a girl named Kelly Hart in a few of her pics they are similar but even more so.
After that ended everyone was like "Yup...Bedtime" I went to bed and the other three were being weird and kind of lagging behind, The room we were in was across the hall from theirs and I know for a fact I heard a bunch of whispering and I heard my sister in law say "Oh come on...Why not" and her friend said "Ugh...Ok, Ok, Ok" and then there was giggling from across the hall. I couldn't hear the good stuff but there was noise over there. I asked my brother in law about it the next day and he just laughed and said "Oh man...I don't know if I should...Ok, Yeah" but then he left it at that. I have paroused the over 140 pictures and 2 hours of video from that night which by the way my wife has no idea that I have copies of many, Many times and don't think I will ever experience another night like that.

Dec 2

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  • Awesome night.

    You should have f***** your sister-in-law. I’m sure she would have let you and your brother-in-law would have loved watching it

  • Not that sort of a relationship dude, No that would never have happened, If you think a little playful touching is going to lead into a full on orgy then you haven't been in many situations like that. Plus with how drunk everyone was it would have been very inappropriate and caused hard feelings the next day I am sure.

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