I let guys use me

I not long turned 14 and already had s** with over 100 guys aged between 14-39 i can't stop myself if i like them it ends the same way having s** when it was my birthday i was on my way home when my cousin pulled up next to me and offered me a lift and don't no why i done it to him for as he pulled up outside my house i rubbed my hand up his leg and onto his d*** his d*** was growing and he grabbed my hand away and surprised me by saying not here let's get inside first i walked in front of him and was thinking this is new my own cousin and his 25 i made sure the house was empty and we was upstairs he watched me undress then my turn to see him and he turned round took off his boxer shorts and turned back round wtf i saw his d*** f*** it was big i couldn't back out now never had time he had my head and was face f****** me holding my head down on his d*** to where i was pushing away just to breathe but when it came to having s** he was gentle the first guy to make love to me 20 minutes of someone caring made me feel im worth it after we just talked maybe 20-25 minutes i get out of bed to put my underwear back on and he wrapped his arms around me asking me what was i doing i said i was getting dressed and he then said i im not done with you he told me to spread my legs a little and put his d*** back inside me holding me tight he f***** me harder this time standing up all i could say was omg over again somehow we ended up next to my desk and he finished by f****** me over it i haven't told him i wasn't on the pill how am i going to explain if im pregnant to people

Dec 13

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  • Lucky guy

  • Only time will tell... don't worry about it... it will work out ;)

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