So many times over it was wrong.

I got a bit hard up for money and answered an ad looking for...Actresses, Ok, Adult actresses but the thing was that it was for an amateur website so I felt the niche was probably smaller and less chance anyone I knew would actually find out so I made the initial call and it snowballed from there.
Before I even realized how deep in I was I was on my way to my "Casting", I arrived early like you are supposed to and was brough into the "Studio". Immediately it was evident I had gotten there a bit too early as there was a scene still in the works. I was brought in and asked to sit quietly while they finished up and the male co-star I had chosen from the list I was given sat with me, We talked quietly and I was soooo out of my element.
My co-star had told me that they were a couple and he was having some "Performance anxiety", They stopped filming and had a water break, I was sitting innocently looking at facebook on my phone when the camera man/director said "Ok, We need to finish this scene, I have aother to film", The girl on the bed who yes I had checked out piped up and said "What if she joins us?" and my heart skipped a beat, I was like "Huh?, Who?, Me?" and she said "Yeah". Ok, I filled out my questionaire as to what I wanted my scene to be ad yes there were offers of money to do more but I basically said boy on girl, NO a***, and maybe a facial...That was it.
The director looked at me and said "What do you think?", I was like "Ooohhh, Geez, I don't know", so they left me and her to talk so I am sitting on the bed with a naked girl who is...Attractive but I am straight and she starts touching me, Playing with my hair and next thing I know she kisses me. Damnit...Away we go, I'm topless kissing a girl as the camera starts to roll, The director is giving the guys instructions and swaps out the girls boyfriend for my co-star which she kinda wasn't excited about but by that time the whole script was out the window and he undid my pants and then I was naked...Frick.
They worked us into a position with me on top of her kissing her and he was behind me, He is definitely a pro and knew exactly what to do to get me worked up to the point I threw my application list out the window, Drove over it, Got out, Stomped on it, Spit on it, Ripped it up and burned it. So he started f****** me from behind and her boyfriend came around the front and stuck his d*** in her mouth, He was pretty good looking also and had a pretty good sized d***, Not quite like the one I had in me at the moment but still decent.
He pulled out of me and shuffled my knees forward so I was sitting on her stomach and then he started f****** her and she looked a bit panicked at first but got into it fast, Next thing I know the director didn't even put down his camra but somehow was naked too. Then I am on my knees sucking his d*** while he films and it just went downhill from there, They got me on my knees at the edge of the bed squatting over her face so she is licking my c*** while the director holds me upright and somehow gets his d*** in me. So he is f****** me while I sit on her face, I watch my co-star f****** her and her boyfriend stands on the bed in front of me.
I have always had a strict NO policy on being with more than one person but...I don't know what they put in the water but I didn't even think about it and let him shove his d*** in my mouth, The director had pulled out and put his camera on the stand beside the bed and then slid back in me, He was holding my arms back and told her boyfriend to "Face f*** me" I was like "Uuuhhh, Hold on" and then he grabbed my head and yeah, I am gagging and my mascarra is running and I am getting f*****, Having my c*** licked and being "Face f*****" at the same time. I don't deep throat, Never have and didn't think I even could but thank god he didn't have the girth the other two did because he stood up on his tippy toes and I knew what was about to happen, I tried to say "No" but...That's touch to do when you are trying not to come and someone is holding your head shoving a d*** in your throat and then it happened.
I didn't know whether to cry or come or just die but he came right down my throat, Such a f***** up feeling having something go down your throat when you can't swallow but I couldn't even gag, I felt his d*** go limp in my throat and then he pulled out, So weird and then their were 4. I don't even know how long the scene ended up being but after swallowing her boyfriends load the director did exactly what I thought he would and pushed me forward, My co-star pulled out of her and basically grabbed my head, Shoved my face into her p**** and....Yeah, I did that, It wasn't as bad as I thought it always would be but still not what I went there for, We spent a lot of time with either my p**** in her mouth or her p**** in mine and a lot of face sitting while they took turns f****** whoever was on the bottom, Her boyfriend got back in, For a guy who couldn't keep it up before he got off three times so....
So we are in a 69 and I am fully in by this time and I feel her boyfriend come inside me, I was like "Uuuhhhh....No. No" so I am like, Pushing it out which I didn't really think about but she was happy to keep licking and it wasn't until my co-star came in her with me on the bottom that I was like "aaaaahhhh f***" but with the director f****** me and her onn top of me I had no where to go so I just did it and gagged the whole way through, It got to a point where I don't even know how many or who's loads ended up in me but she ended up needing a break and apparently I am a little more resilient because the thre of them worked me over while she had a drink and then her boyfriend got on top of me, The director on one side, My co-star on the other and she laid on top of me sort of to the side, They worked hard to get a final 3 way come shot on our face as we kissed and it was a lot, I couldn't do it anymore and there was come literally dripping off our faces as we kissed and they all stepped back and I was like "Ok, Ok, I need to stop".
Me and her were ushered to the shower together of course, Why wouldnt we shower together (Insert eye roll here), I played along and let them film her eating me out in the shower and actually that was the best o***** of the whole thing but then we cleaed up, Got dressed, and I had a chance...I could have said no but I just wanted out of there so I signed the release on the dotted line and left.
Ugh, When this gets posted my life is f*****. If one person I know sees it they will tell everyone I am sure because it is so far out of my normal realm of what I would do.

Dec 17

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