Boyfriend and my mum

My boyfriend 24 openly admitted he found my mum 41 attractive,it's never bothered me and we tease him about it and afterwards the s** is mum has been single for years now and whenever we're alone we discuss our s** life,my mum said she needed a real man and is bored of having to keep using her toys and i blurted out my boyfriend could take care off that for her,my mum said she couldn't do that to me but it was to late he's already on his way i told her,my mum was in the dining room when my boyfriend turned up we started kissing soon as he came in and he wanted me to be sure i was good with it,I didn't have problem with it,we walked in to the dining room my boyfriend went straight up to my mum and put his hand up her dress, straight away my mum gasps as she's getting finger f***** on her dinning table,the dress she was wearing got pulled off over her head and was nude i noticed first how erect her nipples was my boyfriend goes down and was sucking on them,my mum is moaning non stop crying out for my boyfriend to f*** her,my boyfriend called me over starts kissing me and puts his hand up my skirt and was fingering us both,I wasn't meant to be involved,the three of us ended up naked,we ended up kneeling down and sucking his c*** only for around 5 minutes then we go into the living room and i knew then when he moved my mum on to her leather couch she was going to enjoy what i have, there was no messing around my boyfriend moved her legs apart and got straight to business,my boyfriend was f****** my mum like he does with me,one thing i didn't tell mum was my boyfriend can keep going,my boyfriend grunting as he slammed my mum my mum crying with pleasure so i decided to film it on my phone until i was ordered to join in and set my phone up to film the rest,my boyfriend sits back and pulled me down on him bear hugged me tight and f***** me,I could see my mum still laying there with her legs open and seen how red her f**** was,I was let up and was riding him now he put his hands up to my face and tells me he loves me,I said to my mum see told you how good he was my mum was still gasping for air when he lifted me off and slammed his d*** back into her,my mum well and truly got a good seeing too,he pulled out saying he's going to c** and i told him to get back in he did as i asked but at the last second pulled out aimed it all over her face and b******,that i had a close up off,my boyfriend dripping with sweat over my mum my mum rubbing his c** in over her b****** and then hearing popping sounds as she pops his still hard c*** in and out off her mouth, having a threesome with my boyfriend and my mum felt natural at no point did was it awkward,I looked at them both and decided if they wanted with my permission to hook up again my boyfriend was stroking his c*** and i didn't wait for an answer from my mum as i was leaving i said enjoy mum,i could hear my mum moaning as he was f****** her again,I now share my boyfriend with her on the odd occasion by themselves but it's mostly i join in,the stuff we done together might not be liked by others but we aren't hurting anyone.

Dec 18

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  • Awesome. You should hook up with your mum too.

  • Fantasy....

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