Back when I was still in school, I made firends with this girl. We hit it off from the start and after a while it was like I spent more time at her house than my own. I always knew she was kind of slutty (ex: she lost her virginity at 15 to a 30 y/o man and bragged about convincing her boyfriend into having a threesome with another guy), but I never really had a problem with it. Everyone's different when it comes to sexuality, you know? Well, it wasn't until a lot later that I found out she'd been wanting me to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend. This was at the time when I was discovering I was bi, and even though I admit to having considered it, I never went through with it because I was afraid it would completely ruin the friendship I had with both of them.( And I knew it would because she was prone to getting jealous whenever her boyfriend acted like we were just as much friends as she and I were, which we were.) They broke up a while after that and she introduced me to her new boyfriend, some country-ass douchbag that chewed tabacco. Different boyfriend, same MO; She still wanted me in bed with them. I didn't even have to think about this time; it was a resolute 'h*** no.' Turns out, even though I never risked our friendship, my desicion didn't matter at all., because I haven't spoken to my best friend in years. (Although her boyfriend did call me after leaving her with a sick newborn wanting to hook up.) I regret ever meeting her.

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  • ^ That would be Ma'am, not Sir. I'm a girl. But thanks anyway.

  • Well.. you showed restraint and value friendship. Good quality judgment Sir.

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