The guy at work

I always minimize stuff the happens to me so im asking what you people think. so im stalking the cooler at work at the gas station (im 15) this guy who works at the pizza side of the store comes in starting a convo asking if i get drunk in the cooler etc, he walked out an said hed be back in a minute with some **, " meatballs?" i asked an he goes yea get your head out of the gutter. i said " no ** (his name) im not talking about testicles" then he pauses and says "yea but in a year or two we can have that conversation, mark it on your calendar" so he wants to bang right. why am i even asking im so stupid. so nobody worries too he quit an i havent seen him since

Next Confession

Havent gotten my period for 5 months

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  • U r dumb whats a stupid post

  • I can be contacted for the best in kiddie ** including... snuff
    hackingloop_6@g m a i (no '_' between 'p' and '6'. No spaces in 'gmail')

    I'm even in a few of the flicks. What I do to some of those kids would make a Marine wretch. But hey, that's how I roll.

    Oh, don't tell Jerrybob that I'm using his email address as a ruse- I love molesting the kids!!!! Email me and you'll see the depths of depravity for your own eyes.
    **, I'm getting hard just typing this.
    Guess I better get the camera rolling in anticipation of your business.

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