Ever since i started using birth control i found myself having an uncontrollable feelings towards s**......
Don't get me wrong i married my high school sweetheart at a young age ..and since then living with his parents in a bigger house i found myself doing things that i would normally do..
i f***** his brother several times ( much younger) ...i was being his total s*** when no one was around.... but even worst it wasn't enough for me .. i also f***** his own father when i could...
there were weekends that i would sneak off and f*** all 3 in different areas my p**** was constantly leaking c** from them and i LOVED IT

Dec 22

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  • I was a dorky glasses wearing girl in high school. I couldn't pay a guy to ask me out.
    However, when word got out I was on the pill. I quickly started getting attention and having fun too!

  • I got on birth control when I was a freshman. My best friend told everyone and I quickly became the most popular girl in school with the boys.
    That was 32 years ago.

  • Those were the days. I miss those days

  • Wow! When my mom put me on the pill I went crazy as well.

    I didn’t get married till after college. But between HS and college I slept with more than 100 men and a number of my Mom’s boyfriends.

    My favorites were her boyfriends as they taught me new things and the BBCs I experienced in college

    Boy how I miss those days

  • I remember when my mom took me to get on birth control. It was my sophomore year of high school and she'd caught me with my boyfriend.
    However, the first guy I had s** with after I got on birth control was a random guy I met at the mall. I was working at Annie's and he started flirting with me. He was maybe mid 40s, blue eyes, salt & pepper hair and nice groomed beard.
    My shift ended soon so I agreed to meet up with him. We went to his house, I'm pretty sure he was married with kids because there was toys on the floor.
    We had s** and he took me back to my car at the mall afterward.
    That was the first time I'd had unprotected s** and felt the warm rush of sperm inside me and knowing I couldn't get pregnant.
    He was also the first guy to give me the big O.

  • After my mom got me birth control, the older guy I had been flirting with convinced me to skip a few days of my pill so we could experience “pregnancy risk s**” , I was so stupid but it was such a rush for him and I both! I was 16 and he was early 40’s. I ended up being 16 days late on my period. Scared, h****, adrenaline rush, terror and at least 3 more AMAZING taboo o******. It blew my mind!!!

  • Wow! You are such a lucky young lady.

    When I was young I did the same thing but I did not get married to my HS sweetheart. But my high school sweetheart’s parents did buy me a car before I went off to college. It was a new 1990 Mustang.

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