Morning delight

I got woken up by my light being switched on at 1 o'clock in the morning after my eyes adjusted to the light i saw my sister in law standing at the bottom of my bed i was confused to why she was in my house when i asked where my brother was she said oh he's home asleep and let her long black coat drop to the floor and all she had on underneath was black knickers and a fishnet body stocking and crawls up my bed and we kiss years of fantasizing about that moment i wasn't going to say no i rolled her over to be on top tore her body stocking and ripped her knickers and didn't hold back i smashed the s*** out off her bald c*** sucking on her little tittys i finished her off by flipping her over and her sticking her butt out and years of built up sexual tension came flooding out i wonder if my brother noticed any marks on her afterwards

Dec 28

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  • Oh wow. I’ve dreamed of similar experiences with my father in law

  • Fantasy👍

  • Illiterate fantasy too. Is it uncool to be able to use the English language correctly, or did OP have a recent brain injury? Oh wait, it's probably a teenager. Same thing, really.

  • A child molester like you has no room to talk. Your excuses for your actions have all been illiterate.

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