White women

White women are killing their own race, all these white women going after these useless black guys just for their c**** and nothing more and having babies knowing that these guy will not take care of them.
It’s really funny that they purposely killing of their race. I really don’t care either way it’s just kind of funny to me.

Dec 29

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  • There is increasing pressure on all white people to solve the race issue. Politicians pander, white males are attacked/intimidated, and white girls pressured into proving their are not racist by giving up their p****** on demand of bbc. Those bbcs know that they will always get white p**** without regard to responsibility/need to support the baby. The white moms can get in line with their black “sistas” to collect government support which keeps this behavior funded


  • I bring black guys home after work to f*** my white wife. So far she has given birth to four babies and three of them are mixed. Only one is white and must be mine since I only let her f*** black men.

  • Pathetic t***.

  • I only want white men and I'm a white woman.

  • Honey, you have to try a black man. I to only wanted white men. And only dated white men. I’m also married to a white man.

    But the best s** ever is s** with a black man. Trust me. Do it once and you will agree

  • Says the white soy boy..

  • Women of ALL colors don't think twice about getting knocked up. Are you saying white women are more open minded about getting their baby batter from other races? That's how your bitter incel noise reads. Or maybe you're just throwing the race card around because you're too young and/or stupid to make a statement without bringing race into it. That's what's fashionable right now, isn't it?

  • Only the indoctrinated 'progressive' college grads.

  • You are not kidding about all races breeding for "Profit". The government is giving away money on top of money if you push out kids. Take away the profit and see what happens.

  • Word. Society needs to reward people who are too smart to breed, not the opposite. There is way too much stupid out there, and too many kids that no one is parenting because all they are are meal tickets

  • What's your problem if it give them plesure. Their body their wish.

  • Sure - as long as the my take responsibility for what comes after

  • Nothing more pleasing than a BBC deep in my white p****

  • I wanna watch

  • White self loathing soy boy

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