I kicked another guy in the ** after Driver’s Ed

Back in high school when I was in 10th grade and taking Drivers Ed class, we took it after school. We’d then go out and wait to be picked up by our parents. One night while we was waiting this freshmen was standing there with his legs open and I couldn’t resist. I just booted him right in the **! He doubled over clutching his ** with one hand and his face with the other. His face was as red as his jacket. And he was trying so hard not to cry. I walked over to some girls and pointed at him after telling them what I done and they all laughed at him too! Lol what a loser. And there was no supervision out there so I didn’t get in any trouble for it. He stayed in that position until I was picked up. Now I know it’s not “right” to kick another guy in the **, but I don’t care. That ** was so funny! I felt great embarrassing that kid. I love seeing complete losers getting hit right in the nuts!!! Imagine being a loser and getting hit in the **, how humiliating lol. It’s funny for everyone except the guy getting hit!

Feb 16

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  • Ugh more fetish **.

  • Following is the sequel to the story above:
    So back when I was a freshman in high school, I had a really bad day. I failed a test, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, I was getting over a bad cold and was not my best physically and I had just found out my grandmother was dying of cancer. I was feeling really low and out of it. Then, to top it all off, as I was waiting to be picked up after Drivers Ed., some wise ** 10th grader cheap shots me and kicks me in the ** and then he got some girls standing by to laugh at me. They couldn't have picked a worse time to humiliate me that way.

    Well, fast forward a couple of years, I had my license and my own car and a new girlfriend. It was the senior prom. I was still a junior, but my girlfriend, a senior, had me as her date. It was pouring rain outside. I saw that same group of girls who laughed at me when I was kicked in the nuts. They were standing under an overhang, but right near a large puddle. I turned to my girlfriend, who I had told about the incident. I asked, "should I?" She smiled and nodded her head, yes. I gun it and plow right through the puddle. It looked like the scene in 'The Ten Commandments' when the Red Sea parted. Those smart ** girls were soaked head-to-toe and miserable, and my girlfriend and I laughed and had a great time. - - - To Be Continued - - -

  • - - - Continued - - -
    Then, a few years later, I'm in a bar with some friends and I recognize a guy standing in the corner, alone and getting drunk. He was my 'old friend' who had kicked me in the ** after Drivers Ed. I walked over to him and started chatting with him, making like everything was cool between us. He said he wanted to grab a smoke outside and I said I would join him. I signaled to my friends to join. We go outside, the guy lights up, I cracked him right in the jaw. He goes down and with his legs wide open, I line up a kick that would have scored a field goal at the Superbowl. He couldn't talk or do anything but lay there in misery. My friends and I then laughed and called him a loser. I then told the bartender that there was a drunken slob passed out outside the bar. He thanked me and we left.

    And life was good.

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