I am a Conservative. I knew a gay man who went to my school. I don't hate him, I don't hate gays, but I don't approve of Gay marriage. A while ago he came up to me and was visibly angry, and started yelling at me about how me not supporting gay marriage was wrong, and that he should have rights to marriage. He called me a h***-phobe because I didn't support gay marriage, and that I hated him.

I said to him, "Do you support the War in Iraq?"
And he said, "No."
I then told him that he didn't support the military, and he proceeded to tell me that he supported the military.
"That's exactly how I am with gay marriage, I don't support it but I don't hate homosexuals," was my response

For some reason this made him even more angry, and he stormed off.

It turns out he reported this incident to the dean, calling me out for "hate crimes." I had to serve numerous detentions and they've been on my record ever since.

My parents and I don't try to fight it, we know we would never win a case like this.

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  • That is one way that the left has lost me as a supporter. I lean left-ish with some conservative views, and have NO tolerance for mouthy MAGATs whatsoever.

    But, as with any group, you've got jackholes on the left too. People who whine and scream and try to ruin you if you're not 110% on board with their feverish social cause of the day.

    S**** humans. We're a cancer.

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