My Brother My Lover

My brother and me share a house. We have seperate rooms but a lot of times he sleeps in the living room and I sometimes fall asleep in there too. Of late I've seen him fiddling with his p**** under his blanket and one night I went and yanked the blanket off of him to see him masturbating. I was fascinated and climbed onto the couch beside him and said "I want to watch while you pump yourself." As I watched I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and then I asked him to touch me through my now dripping wet underwear. It felt nice and I leaned over and took his p**** in my mouth and immediately I felt myself lose control. I kicked off my panties and pulled him on top of me and begged him to f*** me. I felt his p**** plunge deep inside of me and I shuddered when he came inside me. Later I made him lick my c*** until I came and I had an incredible o***** and then he f***** me all night long, and it was absolutely incredible. We make love everynight now and I have to say that after all the boyfriends and lovers I've ever had, my brother is the best of them all.


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  • DERP!

  • let him f*** you in your ass

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