In the closet

I am gay but only out to my very best friend, my brother and my mom. I don't know how to come out to anyone else. How do you guys suggest I do.

Oh, and if any of you say f** alert, I will kill you.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Some things are better to be left a secret.......

  • ^Some things are better to be left a secret........

  • (whispers)
    F** alerts!!!!

  • I suggest you keep going by the ones you trust outwards, by my guess. Your best friend was probably the most accepting, and didn't mind, which is why you came out to him first. Your brother and your mom were either very close to you or wouldn't care if you were or not. I suggest you try going out to your father next, no matter how difficult. Then you will have the weight of your whole family to help you. Their acceptance is probably the most important. Then move on to close friends and more distant family members who you are mostly sure how they will react. For example, another friend or/and family member who is gay/bisexual, a very accepting and understanding one, one you are close with, or even just a teacher/co-worker who is accepting. Do this slowly, and be sure to bring it out in a rationally way. Don't be talking about kittens then suddenly say "OH, YA! I'm gay.....Scottish Folds are cute! :D" Once your friends and family know, and accept this, take off one by one people whom, you trust and want them to know. Then, well, live. Homosexuals aren't any less nor anymore special then everyone else. If someone assumes your straight, you can say "big deal" and ignore or explain your not. Remember, your sexuality doesn't have to be announced. You are who you are....YAY!

    This is only to be followed, if you want to "come out" in one of the more practical. (in my eyes, at least) All and all, your family and close friends are the only ones to be "accepted" by, but why shouldn't they? When it comes to a lover, if they're straight, that can be hard. Though, you have to live life happy. It doesn't matter if your gay or not, what does matter, is that you live happily, and be yourself.

    Best of wishes. And I'm sorry for what people have to go through because of who they are....I would tell you how to contact me, but I think you know where to find me. :)

    P.S. I'm on a boat.

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