Big must be better

My ass is huge! I am embarrassed because I think it is "unusually" large. I admit I am chunky but not fat or obese. But my rear end is disproportionate to the rest of my body. Finding jeans is a nightmare and I am mortified to put on a bikini! I usually have to wear stretch pants and leggings, and still they are skin tight.
I don't understand... Guys go nuts for my ass! I get hit on constantly and any compliment I get is about my ass. As for s**, any guy I hook up with goes immediately for my ass. If I let guys have their way i wouldn't have to worry about birth control.
I have tried to diet, I lose a little around the waist but it only makes my ass look bigger?
Is this a guy thing? Why the obsession with this?

Jan 30

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  • Don’t you dare diet that a**. Didn’t you learn from Kim, Cardi B, Beyoncé, Nicki, J. Lo etc that it’s your ticket to real men’s hearts. But you must learn how to work it.
    Thug rap songs should help train you right.

  • Not all guys go crazy for large bums. The important thing is that you need to be healthy and feel good about yourself. No matter what you end up looking like, some guy will find you attractive. You seem to be obsessing over this too.

  • I am a girl built like you. I learned as an young teen that guys go nuts for a big ass. Of course it wasn't quite this big back then. But I took advantage of it. I was able to go boy for boy with those little tight cheerleaders. Obviously I had to learn to give up the ass though. I have learned to love a*** s**! For some reason I tend to attract young guy and black guys of all ages. Heck I have been hit on by my sons high school buddies.

  • Nothing better than a big fat ass!

  • I would love to see it!

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