Naked neighbor

I was painting my fence and was up the ladder and something in my neighbor's house caught my eye,as i could see through her window what caught my eye was her son jason who is 15 years old, Jason was butt naked but what got my attention and impressed me was that jason has a very big d***.i was up the ladder peaking for at least 10 minutes watching my young neighbors d*** swing side to side,he wasn't erect and was still bigger than my husband's.i have had affairs some my husband knew about but not for the last 5 years but seeing my neighbor i couldn't control myself so i tapped on the window and he looked and just seeing me he got fully erect and he came and stood on his backdoor step,naked and exited he started talking but it was hard for me not to be looking at his d***,I wanted my young neighbor but wasn't sure how i could go about it but then he said those few words when's your husband coming home,that was music to my ears i asked him why what do you have in mind,and this is how he said it i want to f*** his hot wife,ask no more and i let him in locked my door behind us,I was wearing a pair of shorts a little tight and when i went to walk past him to take him up to my bed he put his hand on my stomach and slipped his hand down inside my shorts and then inside my underwear,the moment he put his finger inside me he came over my leg,holy crap it looked like i spilled paint on myself,I wasn't disappointed for long he said we going upstairs or what to right we was,I took off my shorts and wiped his c** off my leg he looked like a dear caught in headlights and the old me came fully out,i had him there and then in my kitchen on my chair,holy s*** moment again when i got off him he was still erect and said i still haven't seen your bedroom,I forgot i was with a teenager for a moment,we went upstairs and there was no stopping him,he may be 15 but he was hitting the right spot i had him grunting giving me his best and i was telling him not to stop,all through my marriage ive had to fake it but my 15 year old neighbor was giving me something my husband has never,I looked my neighbor in the eyes and basically begged him not to stop for anything,he was pounding me like crazy and had me screaming out,I'm not embarrassed that a 15 year old lad gave me a o***** i was embarrassed later when i was talking with his mother and she said to me sounded like you was having a good time,she said she could hear my bed thumping against her bedroom wall and me screaming and don't remember saying that's it f*** me but she said i did,she knew it wasn't my husband in bed with me.

Feb 4

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  • Oh wow! What a lucky young man.

    Sounds similar to the time my GF caught me f****** her mom. Older women are incredible lovers

  • Worked in a store took food to a school went back to work phone rang woman want to talk to me ask if I was a stud if not did i want it I said yes got it about 70 time best stop didn't want he husband to found out she said he only lasted about 39 second I last longer then that every way she want it

  • So ur a rapist then. That's not a question it's a statement of truth. Oh also a pedophile. U deserve to burn alive for those crimes same as any other. Scum

  • I hope you got more of it

  • Did he sit on top of you while you was laying down on your back

  • If the genders were reversed you'd be screaming the big R word ...

  • How did you tap his window while you were up a ladder painting your house?

  • I wasn't painting my house i was painting my fence that separates us.

  • But did you let him c** inside you?

  • I hope she's pregnant

  • Every time

  • Should still be enough DNA to convict..

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