My husband wanted me to get pregnant by another man

My husband and i our both 33 and had been trying to get pregnant only to find out he can't have children,I want kids and he came up with me getting pregnant by someone else he had it all worked out he will go away for a month and i could sleep with as many guys i wanted too,we talked about it for weeks and i agreed,we have a young guy who does are garden for us and i got him to come round and bring his mates,I told my husband is away and i wanted to have some fun and he got what i meant,that night i opened the door to at least 15 h**** young men,they all came in and took the first one in my bedroom and the others all lined up going down the stairs,the first one wasn't right so i made him use a condom then one after the other i made them wear a condom,that was until i got to the 7th a sweet innocent looking lad,he was very nervous and that made me ask him if he's a virgin,I said i can't have kids so he doesn't need to wear a condom but i made the others use one so don't tell them, with him being a virgin i got him to lay on me and just put it in and go as fast as he could and not to worry when he finishes quickly,once he was done i had the one and quickly got through the remaining guys,I found out shortly afterwards that that nervous lad was 16 and at school and that stop me from sleeping with him time after time,I never got pregnant because i started taking the pill, when my husband came back i said i couldn't go through with it,that was 4 years ago and i been having affair ever since with that guy.

Feb 4, 2022

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  • I am 33 my husband is 54 shooting blanks. My Hubby is very wealthy, no family or heirs, wanting a child, boy to carry his name and a daughter to marry some molecule sweet talker to help blow her inheritance. I'm a trophy wife a dumb one who signed a pre-nep, when Bozo crisis I got a million in an irrevocable trust and another mil. in insurance. Worst case I die, or he lives to be 89+/- when I'm 65. What then? I pay young giggalos to eat and f*** me as they scheme ways to lighten my bank account.
    Two years ago Bozo(confessions here, right?) said, lets try , we tried all that in vitro kind of s*** unsuccessfully to the tune of $136gees. What now, I asked? We will find a surrogate to just have s** with you when you are ovulating.
    I responded with bullshit I ain't no f****** farm critter or a dog. You want a baby I'll pick who breeds me.
    Two weeks passed Bozo didn't get a whiff of this p****, no affection whatsoever, f*** him!
    After l****** after me for nearly three weeks he's ready to negotiate, BS he's going to capitulate to mamas demands.
    First baby another trust total availability in 48months. That way you can't file and make outrageous claims and I get the curb no dough till you cash in for good.
    That accomplished and I'll give you as many babies as possible. He agreed.
    Box was about to learn how to be a cuckold as trophy wife morphed to hot wife I had always, anyways I loved BBC, frankly, I had always been secret s***, the secrecy was concluding. I could bring lovers home, he could watch or not, in order to f*** me he'd have to eat mg cream pie before he got sloppy seconds.
    Ur saying; He'll no, he didn't have to put up with one second of this s***. F*** him I got a Rodeo Dr. wardrobe, $61tho. in the bank, and a Bently with 3 tax free MI in four years. Yes, call me a glorifying w****, I am!
    So for the finale. I get knocked up, ultrasound, it's a boy.
    Oh blessed event, I deliver a 7lb.2oz. mostly black boy.

  • Go off the pill and let your lover fill your womb.

  • Darling as a woman in her late 40’s let me tell you the only thing better than a young man’s c*** is the feeling of a huge black teenage c*** inside of you.


    Once he turns 24 or so find a newer model. A woman needs to make sure her kitten gets the best

  • Hot! I hope you never use a condom with him! It's clear that you've decided that young virgin c*** is superior. Now all that's left is to let him impregnate you and cuck your hubby completely. Condoms are for cucks. Real men impregnate with every chance they get.

  • My wife and I had been married for five years when we decided we wanted to have a child. Three years went by and no baby. We went to a doctor and the only thing she could figure out was that I had a very low sperm count probably from a bicycle accident that happened when I was a teenager. We talked about getting a sperm donor, but my wife said that she didn't want to since she didn't know what the person was life, he could be a royal ass. I suggested that she start going out to a bar in the nearby city and if she saw someone that looked like me that she should talk to him and see if he was a nice guy. If he met her criteria, she should see if he wanted to f*** her. My wife did this for three months with eight different men before she got pregnant. I asked her about going out and getting f***** every week even when she wasn't fertile and she told me that there needed to be some fun getting pregnant. We have four children, all from my wife being f***** by other men.

  • What a lucky lady.

    You are a wonderful husband

  • Cheating j*** face

  • When I was a teenager, I had ovarian cysts and was forced to get a hysterectomy.
    Before Covid, my sister agreed to surrogate for my husband and I because her insurance would cover her pregnancy and we'd only pay for the insemination treatments.
    She's has two kids and currently divorced.
    My husband and I had saved for years because this going to be expensive. March 2019, artificial insemination was declared 'non essential' and the doctors office was closed. At that time, no one knew when it would re-open.
    My sister had stopped taking birth control and was keeping track of her cycle and knew when she was ovulating. We were talking and she told me 'today' would be a perfect time for her to get pregnant and she would be willing to do it the 'old fashioned way' too. But only if I fully agreed. I did. We talked to my husband and he gladly agreed.
    I watched the kids while he went to her apartment. This went on for two days.
    A few weeks later my sister informed me she had her period. We kept track of her cycle and for the next 4 months my husband would have s** with her during her 'peak' times.
    I was starting to have doubts and thought they were just having 'fun'. In August, she became pregnant and now we have a daughter.

  • I’m hope you let him still enjoy her

  • I hope he gives her a few more kids

  • There's nothing wrong with having fun! Does your husband still have fun with her? It would be hot if he got to enjoy you both at the same time, an approving affair.

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