How many different men have you ** in a single day

Back before the pandemic, my wife and I enjoyed an open relationship and loved it. There was one night, she was out and met 3 guys that were in town for a race that was in Charlotte, NC. She ended up going to the room with them and had quite an exciting night with them. All 3 of them ** her and 2 of them ended up ** her for the 2nd time, so she got ** a total of 5 times and loved it.. I would love to hear the experiences of some other women.

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  • My ex was with 3 dogs in the same weekend

  • My junior year in college I had ** with 3 guys one night. I was at a beach party with friends. I'd done a bunch of shots and was buzzed when it happened. I was bent over and a guy stuck his ** inside me. People were cheering and holding up phones while he acted silly and slamming into me at the same time. I felt him pop then another guy took over. I started laughing because I could feel ** going down my leg. An older black guy, maybe mid 30s stood in front of me and pulled down his gym pants and stuck his ** in my mouth. He was soft at first but I he had to massage himself to get hard. When the second guy finished he flipped me over on the couch and pounded me for a long time.
    Two days later, I came down with a bad yeast infect. Luckily, I used OTK stuff to get back to normal. WHEW!

  • My wife sucked and fukked (azz and puzzy) 14 coworkers at a coference less than 2 monts after our honeymoon

  • 5 different times I ** 4 guys in a roughly 24 hour period. Everyone came inside me and I got guys 2,3 and 4 to unknowingly lick out the mess in my funhole. So much fun!

  • Also to note, each of those five times, I had a boyfriend who either started the ** streak or ended it. So much ** inside me. I would never wash my **.

  • You wanna chat? :)

  • When I was a senior in high school had ** with 9 guys in one night.

  • I promise I’m not being judgmental but PLEASE tell me all these stories all had condoms!

  • I was in college at a party. I'd been smoking pot and drinking. I willingly went with a guy to a room and we started having **. He didn't last long and one of his friends asked if he could 'take a turn'. I agreed. I banged 4 guys that night. lol

  • I found out after we were engaged that my wife had been ** by six guys one night while her boyfriend watched. I married her anyways and we are still happy 40 years later.

  • 20 years ago my wife kind of stumbled into a ** and had ** with 8 different men. Each guy took a turn with a few going twice.

  • Were you and your wife married when she enjoyed her 6 man ** and do the 2 of you have an open marriage now? My wife and I enjoyed an open relationship until Covid came along. We no longer have ** with others, but surely love it for the few years we were active in it.

  • Would you like to share some stories with me and some picture of your hot wife? I like to read naughty wife and hope to find new friends to share with me. At

  • Yes, it was an open marriage thing. We were in Atlanta and a black friend of ours took the wife out on a date while I was ** with family. He took her to a house party. After some drinks they snuck off to a bedroom. As they were having ** a couple of his buddies walked into the room. When my wife didn't freak they joined in. Then a few more. Ended up being an 9 man **. He brought her back to the hotel around 4am.

  • Sorry, my bad. It was 8 men. My typo...

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