Giving a BJ to another man

So many years ago I was married and my now ex wife best friend was also married. I was kind of forced to be in the friendship by always being asked to go fishing and doing other things with friends husband. Well I wont bother you with all the years of doing this but i went fishing again with the friends husband and 2 other guys i didnt know. While i had some fun i was well aware that the husband was acting different this day. We finished the trip and went back to his house where i was parked and we were waiting for the wives to arrive later to go out to eat. When we got there he offered me a beer which i gladly took and then a couple shots. He told me he had gotten and movie and put it in the vcr and told me he had to hide it because his wife didnt like it. Of course it was p***. We watched and he started acting like he was h**** telling me how he never got s** from his wife and how he would give anything for a simple BJ. He even went so far as to say that if someone would just suck him he would promise to c** fast. After a few more beers things got a little different and he took his c*** out and asked me why someone would not suck it. Being drunk i said i didnt know and thats when he just walked over and said well suck it them . I was going to try to stop but he wasnt having any of it and told me to suck it and pretty much forced it into my mouth. i was so f***** up i just gave up and true to his word he came fast but it was a huge load. he started telling me to swallow when he came and when it was done he called his wife and told them that i was drunk and that my wife needed to come and get me. she did and when we got home she put me to bed. after i woke up she started asking me what we did today and i just said fishing. she started pressing more into it and i said it was fishing thats all. she then told me that Paul his name told them that the reason he really called was that i started acting weird and started playing with my own c*** and he felt uncomfortable. I got p***** but what else could i tell her.. That i sucked his c***. I just let it be.

Feb 6

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