Man srestling with women

I'm not sure if my post fits here, but I have a question and I dont really know any other place where to ask it anonymously..
So my boyfriend goes to mixed wrestling practices and one of the moves is about a person sitting on another person's face and I find the idea uncomfortable and weird that some other female sits on my boyfriends face with her butt and private parts. He says that i'm just sexualizing it and gets annoyed that I see a problem with it.
Would you be comfortable with something like that in your relationship? Or am I the weird one?

Feb 6, 2022

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  • Wrestle with him nude

  • There was one girl on our wrestling team in hs and her big boobies would pop out all the time. 11 more guys joined the team after that.

  • Damn, 1:35am and I want a taco!

  • Before Covid hit, my wife and I enjoyed an open relationship. I saw my wife sit on another man's face one time. Only thing is that she was not wearing anything and he was giving her a good tongue f****** until she had a big o*****. I've had a few women sit on my face to and I have always loved it.

  • I am a male (just so you know) and I am not sure. It may be harmless but it is sexual contact. Are you open to wrestling him. Or if he losses a practice you sit on his face? I am just not sure I would be happy if my wife was doing it.

  • Tell him you are going to wrestle other guys. Don’t bluff either. Be prepared to try it. I wonder if he’ll start seeing your point? Now that would be an interesting social experiment!

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