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I am almost 15 and I'm embarrassed to admit that I have alot of kinky fantasies, Things like being dragged around and used by my bf or constantly f***** with no mercy, I have a secret relationship on discord with this guy from the uk he's currently 16, we have alot of thing in common, both from the same place, although I'm out of the country atm. We call eachother alot. Sext, send everyday selfies, our pets, food, events. ect. He's a really nice guy and He shows me love that i've never received before from my own family. I feel safe with him. He goes through alot in his home too. He's also VERY kinky although I'm too scared to admit to him that im into cnc, ddlg and necrophilia... yeah. What do i do.

Feb 7

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  • First of all d*** be embarrassed. Whether they admit it or not, nearly every single person who has gone through puberty has some kind of kink or fantasy that gets them more excited than anything else. And you are right on the cusp of learning about what will make you happy in your romantic/sexual life. And whether these are simply phases for you or what you’re into fir the rest of your life, it’s very important to explore these feelings and desires for your sexual health. I would recommend reading about other people’s experiences with these types of kinks as well as reading s*** (dirty fiction stories) that highlights your interests. This is a very good way to figure out the details of what makes you excited. If you have already done this and you want to take it a step higher, opening up to someone you are already comfortable with who may share the interests might be a great idea. Maybe that means this boy you’re chatting with or maybe someone else. If you do open up about your fantasies, I would definitely suggest you start small and feel out the reaction and perhaps open up more if the reaction is positive. Don’t go straight to necrophilia (although this kink is nothing to be ashamed of) as it can be a lot for certain people even the kinky guys.
    Last thing I will say is just remember to always be safe when chatting online and don’t feel pressured into saying anything or sending anything if you don’t 100% want to. Put yourself first always. As a young woman who enjoys being dominated and pleasing my partner I know that it is very easy to put their needs/desires above yours. And when you do eventually start trying these things out with someone, make sure to always talk fully about the details beforehand (if you’re to embarrassed, it may not be the right person) and always establish a safe word before you try anything. :) hope this helps!

  • I would find someone nearby your young get spanked and enjoy

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