My Girlfriend and I are Adult Babies

I have the best girlfriend yet. Me and her are a weird duo, but a good kind of weird. We're both adult babies. I never thought it would happen, but here I am. I'm the boy in the relationship.

We met at an adult baby social group in town. We still go to the group. She was already part of the group when I came. We eventually met out side of the group and became friends. We had nice times eating out and going shopping for more baby items. We wore our diapers as we did.

We have a lot in common. We're both 22. We both liked being diaper and changed. We both have cute adults onesies. We both like science fiction and comedy movies. We liked the same TV shows. She likes my taste in music. Our jobs are close by each other. What a fantastic match, am I right?

Fast forward to later and I eventually asked her to be my girlfriend. She gave me a yes definitely. More recently months ago, we moved in. It's hard to believe I have a girlfriend who's into being baby like I am. We both made our guest room into a nursery. Out room is a Pink and blue color scheme. We'd take turns being the baby, but we found that it's more fun if both being the babies nat the same time. We do look so cute together.

Overall, I made the right choice hanging out with her. A regular girlfriend would have found me being an adult baby a deal breaker. I love my lady. Me and my girlfriend are both adult babies.

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I like pooping and peeing my pants
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  • You're kidding right?

  • No. I am not kidding.

  • How fat are you?

  • 150 pounds

  • No one else is going to comment?

  • You two sound like a cut couple. I wish I could find someone like her. Good for you.

  • Thanks, we are cute.

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