When I was younger

When I was younger me and an older boy were hanging out. We were just talking when he asked me if I wanted to see his d***. I said sure, not really knowing what I was doing. He pulled it out and it was hard. He asked to see mine, so I pulled it out and I was hard in no time, still not really know what was going on. We played with our d**** in front of each other when he asked if I wanted to touch it, so I touched it. He asked me to put it in my mouth, I couldn't do it, he asked me to spread my ass but that didn't work. He knew more than me but not much. He got on his knees and wanted to suck mine but I couldn't do it, it was weird. He bent over, spread his cheeks wide open and told me to put my d*** in, I tried but that didn't work, no lube and neither of us knew what we were doing.
Fast forward to today, living my life as a straight guy. I can't help but think about that day. I wish I put my mouth on it, put it in his mouth or even jerked each other off. I would like to have that memory to her off too. My desires have become strong. I want to put my mouth on it

Feb 28

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