How do I come Out Furry

When one thinks about furries, they imagine a teen or young adult, may be an artist and may or may not own a fursuit. No one would ever suspect a parent of being a furry.

Where do I start? I'm a mother of two teens, a boy and a girl with a nice husband. I'm a freelance artist of advertisement and other ventures. As an artist, I guess l've always been interested in drawing anthropomorphic animals. They just didn't have a term for it when I was a kid. It was a niche thing I liked to draw. I loved animated films with animal characters in them and still do.

Only recently in the past couple years have I found out what furries were. It seems furries are around my kids age, making it seem I'm too old for this. It seem like fun being one though.

I'm considering whether or not I care to tell my family I'm furry. It feels like I'm coming out to my kids, but it's about being a furry, not being gay. It's not the same thing. The fursuits I've seen look amazing. I'm thinking of getting one. I alrt drew out many ideas for my fursona. A female tiger by the name of "Julie-Anna" is my favorite so far.

Any advice on how I should come out as a furry? I don't want my family to think I've gotten weird on them. I'll answer any questions about the confession. (AMA)

Feb 28

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  • Do you own a fursuit now?

  • Yes. My mom kept the name Julie-Anna and is a female Tiger.

  • Sounds cute. I hope it's not too embarrassing.

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