I'm a Furry, but also a Children's Entertainer

Yes I'm a furry. Yes I'm a children's entertainer. I'm a male of 22 years. I have a local business of dressing up as my furry characters and doing performances for many kids events in my area. It's mostly Birthdays.

I write out my own characters and draw what they should look like. I send the designs to a fursuit maker the delivers, and get them back in two weeks. I don't even want to attempt to make my own. Then I write down a script for the character and what they could do at the party. Then put the new character choice on my website and wait for a request on my second email.

At said parties, I dance around, talk to the kids in my character voices, and I do my skits involving the birthday kid. Afterwards, I would take my paws off to draw quick sketches of my characters in different quick poses, and I put their names down to let them know who they are.

I have a lot of fun with the kids. They love it. Maybe those kids will grow up to be furries themselves. I am very good with animals as long as they wont attack me.

My business is a wash, not too bad and not too good. I still I'll have my regular day job. This is my embarrassing side job. I haven't told my parents or family yet. (AMA)

Next Confession

Mom and I 40 Over Years Ago

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  • We need a special hunting season for "furries". No bag limit. Low intelligence quotient deviants don't need to be on this planet. If you're too stupid to understand that you're not an animal and dressing up as one at 22 years old is ** retarded, then please, do us all a favor and end your own existence before we have to do it for you, you dumb **.

  • Telling people to kill themselves on the internet. What an amazing person you are. 🙄😒

  • This is awesome keep making the new generation of furries!

  • Typo, 'are you a Furry?'

  • Thanks. I'm trying to be kid friendly after all. I hope they keep the art draw make for them. Art you a Furry?

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