I need help with a decision

I'm contemplating whether or not I'm a furry, I've had an appreciation for the community and fandom for a while now, I make jokes about them because I don't know what people will think of me If I say that I'm both a brony and furry. I get picked on for being a brony and I feel as if things will get worse if I say I'm a furry as well, I just need some advice on whether or not I should say I'm a furry.

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  • A furry and a brony are completely different. They are two entirely different internet cultures.

    A furry is a person interested in anthropomorphic animals(bipedal animals with human qualities like talking.). They often have some form of a fursona or an animal equivalent of themselves, and some have fursuits, which are thousand dollar custom made suits in the shape of their fursona. Contrary to popular belief, a furry does not have to be sexually attracted to animals or anthros to be a furry.

    A brony is a person who is interested and likes the MLP fandom. They are typically people who need to grow the h*** up and learn that the world isn’t just some magical place where everyone gets along.

  • At least you got something right, that being they are different cultures, but i don't know if its accepted to be part of both, did you not get that?

  • You are as furry as you want to be. I was in the community 15 years ago. Came to buy comics, stayed because of new friends.
    Went to cons for years. Best place to buy new comics

  • Are you crazy ? Asking for help with making a decision here, is like -
    asking the proprietor of your local Chinese restaurant to look after your dog while you go on vacation ...
    or asking Kevin Spacey to mind the kids.

  • This made me laugh

  • I don't know you,yet I know some things about you for certain.

    1: You're a neckbeard
    2: You're overweight
    3: You own a Fedora (god I hate fedoras)
    4: You're a virgin
    5: You still live with your parents

    On top of all this,you're a deeply disturbed SOAB

  • Http://i.imgur.com/Zw468as.png
    You should visit here....https://www.reddit.com/r/fedorasaregods/

  • Ok well actually I'm 15 years old, 65kg, i cant exactly move out my parents house yet as i'm underaged, cant grow a neckbeard, fedora's are cool, AND yes i am a virgin, but i'm not a SOAB

  • Fedoras have become the universal sign for "Nice Guys"

  • Yeah,your mum is a bi.t.ch I'm afraid,MINE to be more specific!! I regularly hang out the back of her,and we both laugh about your Fedora

  • ....his mom legally can't let him move out

  • Did you heart your own comment? my guy thats the funniest thing i've ever seen, also what is your grammar?

  • Nope,I'm afraid not flower,someone else must of liked it!!
    And what do you mean what's my grammar? Its called English you cuntstain.
    As we're asking questions,what's your peccadillo? And no,huffing your mothers panties doesn't count.

  • Your grammar as in how your spelling s*** dumbass i quote "Yeah,your mum is a bi.t.ch I'm afraid,MINE to be more specific!!" what kind of english is that?

  • Oh dear.....
    Firstly,Spelling isn't grammar. Its spelling,and bi.t.ch was spelt that way to avoid censorship ,for example b****.
    And your grasp of the English language is pretty poor!!!
    Failed at the most basic's when you said,and I quote "your spelling" , come on child, EVERYONE knows the correct way is ' you're ' .
    So stop trying to be a smart a*** as you're just making yourself look stupid.

  • Uhhhh..... Sorry to be the one to bring this up, but after a comma you're suppose to have space.

  • You're= you are.
    You are spelling?

  • Also I was implying the "MINE to be more specific!!" part, I guess YOU'RE just an inbred f***** of the internet

  • Ok I know the difference between your and you're I'm just not bothered to use the few remaining braincells I have on someone like you, As much as i'd like to continue these little "chats" but they have gone very off topic of the original post, The only thing i left to say is be less close minded and actually be helpful

  • Actually,I capitalised 'mine' to inflict a stress on the word,as you can't use italics on here

  • It works better if you just put it all in caps, otherwise it looks wrong

  • I sniffed your moms dirty panties, muy bueno😍

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