My Mom Came Out as a Furry

When one imagines a furry, they most likely think of a teen or young adult, who likes to draw anthropomorphic animals and maybe dress up as one with a fursuit. It turns out my own mother is a furry.

My mother is your average working from home mom. She's a freelance artist. She's fine I guess. Is was a normal day after school when mom came to me with what seemed like an important announcement. She told me she had been thinking about for months that she might consider being furry. Of course I've heard of the term. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. She told me first because apparently my generation would be more accepting than my dad. She had stumbled into the idea online and thought it look fun and cute. If the term furry had been around when she was a kid, maybe she would have jumped on it sooner.

My mom even had some designs for her fursona in the works. She hasn't picked out one yet. She showed my some feline, tiger, and dog designs. This was lot for me to take in. She told dad and he was surprised, but accepted it once she explained what it was all about.

I'm sorry. I'm just having a hard time picturing my own mother as a furry even now. Dancing in costume and role-playing her fersona's character. Prancing round like a kitten, if that's what she chooses. I would've never guessed. This is going to be embarrassing. Parents really do know how to embarrass us. (AMA).

Mar 1, 2022


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  • Does she own a fursuit now?

  • She told me that it's not sexual. She's into the non-sexual side of it. That's good.

  • As long as her hoochie is hairy and wet she will have no problem finding new lovers.

  • Thanks for putting that imagine in my head.

  • Yeah. That is not what's going on.

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