Sad world we live in...

I am a 12 year old girl and our world is messed up!..Anyways I just wanted to say I am sick and tired of living on this polluted earth of ours...Why? Because no one can spell anything anymore, Everyone just eats all day, And I was walking in the shops with my friend a few days ago and there was a girl my age (Or younger!) Wearing what looked like dental floss! And there is no such thing as love anymore because men mostly want s** and if you can get that for free than why would they waste there time? Also I was on facebook a few days ago and saw a status saying this "I would never date a girl who has been abused before"I just shook my head. I was abused by my father for 11 years of my short tiny life and (Abused physically and emotionally)And it's sad no one cares...I literally have no friends and my Mother hates me and my Dad stopped abusing me but never wants to see me again...At the moment I am all alone in a house while my mum and sister work to help us get food and rent this house While all the spoiled children which I know are on holidays or playing xbox or being spoiled by parents who love them! And this world is a mess! I will never have a boyfriend because in my mind from what I have seen men are things that come into your room and pull your hair or are monsters who torture your mother and make you watch...And the men I see on the streets are pedophiles....I confess...


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  • OP makes some very good points. Was nowhere near 12 years old though. You idiots will believe anything except uncomfortable truths...

  • You can pull out of this hole!!! get a job quickly like at mcdonalds and try to get some money then try and save up for college and school and do a course you think your good at YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ITS JUST A MATTER OF YOU CHOOSING IF YOU WANT TO

  • Our world? No, your world is messed up...bye, child.

  • "Because no one can spell anything anymore, Everyone just eats all day..."
    You can also add grammar to your list.

  • I think your best bet is to get through school and get away to college where you can start again away from all of that and make your own way in life with like-minded people. Good Luck!

  • I agree, this world is a crazy place - but there are beautiful things in it too. Nowhere is all good or all bad.
    Not all men are like that. I met some horrible guys when I was 14/15 that were s**-mad but my current boyfriend is caring and patient, we're both 19 (together nearly a year)and we've not had s** yet because I said I wasn't ready. Have a little faith, there will be someone who makes all those ideas about men change.
    I agree with you about the girls wearing next to nothing too, they're trying to grow up so fast! They're missing out on the basic foundation of adulthood, which is a childhood.
    It's sad that your Dad abused you for so long - who cares if he doesn't make an effort to see you now? Do you really want to see him? You're stronger than he is, and a better person. Don't ever forget that.
    As for your Mother - I went through times when I thought mine hated me. Or she didn't want me, or that she favoured my siblings and I must be adopted. Just be strong, be good, work hard in school and stay out of trouble. You'll earn her respect - honestly.
    I know the world seems like a dark place sometimes. Just think of the day when you're older and you get to go out and explore all the wonderful things you've yet to see :)

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