Now I know

My wife Linda was was always bragging that her close friend (and husband) have a very kinky and wild s** life. When I questioned what made it so interesting she always used the "girlfriend secrets" excuse not to tell me. Occasionally I would throw in "maybe we should get a little adventurous". At the time our s** like was just "ok". Well two weeks ago things changed.
One evening Linda told me to grab a shower and meet her in the bedroom for a surprise. To keep things kind of short Linda had all this planned. First part of the adventure was me being hog tied. Linda got in the nightstand and pulled out a vibrator I have seen her use on herself a hundred times. She lubed it up and inserted it in my ass and left it there. Linda then walked into the bathroom. The vibration actually felt pretty good and I was getting hard. Then Linda announced she borrowed something from her friend. When she walked out of the bathroom all the secrets fell into place. Linda was wearing a harness with a big black strap on complete with b****. She got in behind me, pulled out the vibrator and began shoving the d**** in me. I can't say it was easy or painless but a few minutes later she was b**** deep. Before she started really f****** me she said "you have 9 inches of black d*** in your ass". As she f***** me she got more verbal calling me a "sissy, f**, b****, p**** boy".
Now I know. The next day she went out and bought her own strap on set up. In the last two weeks I have gotten f***** more times than she has.

Mar 2

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  • Thanks for sharing. That d**** is a warm up for another man

  • That's amazing, rather then be embarrassed you should be happy. Your pleasing her making her fantasies come true and let's be honest after the pain, the pleasure comes. Did you finish with her doing it to you?

  • Not the first time I was restrained. Not to mention the first time was a little painful. I have gotten used to it and it feels quite good now. When I touch myself it usually doesn't take long before I get off. My wife likes to catch my c** in her hand and feed it to me.

  • Sweet

  • Sounds like fun

  • Your living life now its another way for a man to get off

  • My wife's friend talked her into f****** me in the ass with a 5-inch high heel while she was wearing it. It hurt like h*** but I have never cummed so hard in my life.

  • Wish my wife would do that to me

  • Nice

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