My wife and I are planning for our second babies.

I'm in a lesbian marriage, 36 and my wife is 32. In 2020 while staring at life in a box we decided a baby would be nice. But who? We asked our neighbor, after first discussing it with his wife. He was glad to comply, until we told him we wanted IVF. He refused, either he 'implanted' the sperm directly or no baby for us. His wife backed him up, she said it's no big deal, just lay back, and it would soon be over. He thought it best to give us equal opportunity, and first I got pregnant and my wife a month later. We have two beautiful kids, and we are ready to add siblings. Over the past year, now that we know him better, we are used to his hugs and kisses. His wife is pushing us, get those babies going. She's into helping with the whole conception thing, testing our temperatures, keeping the calendar, organizing the 'event'. She didn't participate during the last conception so we've invited her to be there with us. This is a conception event, not some freak show.

Mar 4, 2022

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  • I am a married man. My wife and I have some mutual friends who cant have kids because the wife had ovarian cancer and they were removed. She offered to them to have their baby. It was this weird detached discussion sitting around in the lounge discussing options. Things like the cost of IVF and how would the friends wife feel feel as it would be my wife's eggs. In the end, how weird is this, it was decided that her husband would just f*** my wife but he had to be blind folded and the other wife would lead him in, give him a hand job while kissing him to get him hard and then guide it in. Me I just got to watch. We did this four times before my wife got pregnant. After the birth, they adopted the baby.

  • That was very nice of you and your wife. How did you feel while it was happening?

  • I loved it. It was amazing to watch my wife during the pregnancy. She is such a beautiful pregnant woman.

    I also enjoyed watching her conceive. I have to admit I was a bit bummed that it only took 4 tries.

    He is bigger than me so it was impressive to see my little wife take such a large c***. She was moaning every second. It was soo sexy.

    The other wife and I have been talking about how sexy the whole process was and she asked me if I would mind my wife carrying a second child for them. I have to admit I got hard when she asked.

    I hope my wife agrees to do it again

  • I’m so happy for you.

    Our neighbors are lesbians and I had the honor of arranging my husband to be their baby daddy.

    It was so hot watching him pound them. After they had their first baby the other lady in the couple approached us to do the same for her.

    We are their kids Godparents and we have an amazing relationship. I’m so happy that I could be part of allowing them to conceive naturally.


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