I hate my step dad

I hate my stepdad! me my mom and my little brother have had to deal with his bullcrap for 6 years!!  he used to work in the armed forces, he fought in iraq and afghanistan. he also used to have a lot of scientific jobs: he worked for nasa programming and monitering booies, he used to be a geologist who studied rock cores, he even used to work for the freaking pentagon!!!! (all of this was before my mom even met him) 6 years ago my mom met some guy at her job at a restaurant, at first i thought he would just be another guy that she would love for 3 months to a year and then break up with. but this guy was different because he was "funny", "smart" and "well built". when me and my little brother first met him we were shy and afraid but he was nice, so i spent some time with him talking about his life in alaska and me and my brother (kind of) grew to like him. fast forward a year and i really like him everything was going great, how ever my bio-dad and step mom weren't doing so well. by that time me, bio-dad, step mom and little brother have already moved houses once and were about to move again (due to a crappy landlord) not only that but our dog died recently, my step mom was expecting a baby and me and my brother would have no where to go while bio-dad and step mom were finding a new house. so my bio-dad made a deal with my mom and step dad that while bio-dad and step mom were finding a house, me and my little brother could live with them at my grand parents house. things worked out pretty well (for the most part.) for the first few weeks me and my little brother had to sleep in the basement,  aside from the mice it was fine. fast forward 3 months me and my little brother have a new school and  grandma and grandpa have a new house somewhere else, this is where things start to go down hill. bio-dad and step mom have a house now and my baby sister is now about 3 years old, we weren't able to live there yet due to financial and legal problems so were stuck at mom and step dads house. this is when mom and step dad have their first argument, me and little brother were confused but not too scared. 
over the course of 2 years a lot of stuff happened: mom and step dads fights started getting worse over time (as well as me and little brothers relationship with step dad.) mom and step dad started all of these delusional projects where they would tear out the carpet so its just staples and wood underneath. my bio-dad and step mom lose a few more houses but still find time to hang out with me and little brother even during all of this. fast forward another 2 years and mom and step dads fights start to get really violent, they both would get drunk and would fight physically and end up punching holes in the walls and destroying furniture and when any one would confront step dad about it he would yell at us talking about how he "puts a roof over our heads and we have no right to disrespect him" and that "we are ungrateful pieces of sh#t". even getting to the point where if we would dare watch tv he would come up behind the couch and tell us how stupid and annoying we are and then start rocking the couch back and forth tipping its and almost crushing me and my little brother. my bio-dad and step mom have found a place to live but they need a while to get enough money to buy it. on my birthday that year my step dad got drunk, destroyed the kitchen, screamed at me and little brother, and never took accountability for it.  fast foreward to 2022, the furnace broke recently and we have to live and my grandma and grandpas new house until step dad can get someone to fix it, my bio-dad finnally bought the house and we will be living there soon.  but my step dad only got worse lately he has been getting even more drunk, destroying my grandmas house which is not his, screaming at mom at the top of his lungs, calling us all p#ssy`s d#ckheads, he has stormed out of the house 3 times and when ever he does something he will blame us for everything the he did! my mom clearly is getting sick and tired of him, me and my little brother hate him and my entire dads side of the family hates his guts! i hate him and i want him out of my life for good. im only fourteen and i dont have a phone. what can i do?

Mar 4, 2022

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  • Oh no… I feel so bad
    I am a cat person, just find a cat
    (This is not really good advice but I just want to let you know that you are heard)
    By the way, I’m in 6th grade and cannot image your situation

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