It took years for me to find out what I am

When I was old enough to have a bike I rode all over the neighborhood after school and on weekends. I found this place on the other side of the public golf course where gay guys met to kiss and f***. They hid in the underbrush, you could find these places that had been cleaned out and I would sneak around so that I could watch. While the gays kissed and sucked c*** and f***** I masturbated into the dirt. I'm sure now that I was seen but back then no one ever called me out.

Much later, after living a couple of more decades I came across this pizza parlor in the lower end of town. You could see young gay guys hold hands and from time to time kiss. I got hard fast. I ordered a beer and pizza and watched. One day the guy that managed the place called me out and told me that some of his clients didn't like being stared at. I could go someplace else to get my kicks. I felt embarrassed, I had already masturbated in my pants and I had to get up and cover the wet spot to walk out.

I was outside just standing there and the manager came over to me and asked me if I liked boys to let him know, to tell him what I liked and he would find me a boy who needed rent money. He told me to go to this motel and check in and text him the number and he would send a boy over. The boy was really a young man, one I had seen in the pizza parlor before. He was all business, accused me of not getting hard enough, he told me he didn't have time to sit around and to get on the bed and he would earn his money and leave. He wasn't gentle, far from it, he intentionally made it hurt. 'You like that old man?' He f***** me and left me wet and left after collecting his money.

Up to that time I didn't know I was a bottom and I wanted s** with an Alpha type. The manager of the pizza parlor made the arrangements, sometimes the same Alpha came and other times other Alpha's came, always to take care of business and get their money. I met this man at a convention, several years older than me, and he liked to kiss and play around before taking care of business. I liked that, it reminded me of those men I saw when I was a kid. No money involved, just enjoying s**. I found what I liked.

Mar 6

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  • I was hanging out with gay guys who were in college in a gay hang out in the woods for a while as a little kid and they all thought that I was the cutest but too young to mess around with. I kept cutting my shorts off shorter till anyone could tell what kind of underpants I was wearing. I was a virgin, smooth cute kid who wanted some sort of touching intimacy at a way too if a young age and when I turned 10 they started jokingly say "little pants is a ten" referring to me and my short-short cutoffs, sweet freshface and size 10 boypanties.. Eventually three teenage chicks, boys in their midteens who were considered old enough and were being passed around figured my perfect 10 year old boipussy needed their attention.... Finally I became one of the boys!

  • I've been bottoming for other boys since I was a kid and even men when I got into my teens. Coming of age and turning 18 recently has been the greatest thing ever because I'm legally old enough for s#x.

  • Female : I love c*** and I love b****** so guess I am bi. love my own b****** cause the nipple are hard all the time so play with them all the time but would like to rub them on a womans nipples...that makes me wet


  • That's awesome! Everyone has a match somewhere that fits their needs. You found yours.

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