I am a married girl, woman really, been married eight years. for several of those years i believed in my husband, but then as time went on and the stories continued but nothing ever came of it, i started to loose my belief in him, and now i see him for the looser he is.

i won't deny i was frustrated, frustrated because we are bankrupt, frustrated because we have kids that we can't provide for, frustrated because my youth was wasted on this looser, frustrated completely.

i made friends with this older man at work, one day he told me i had a cute ass. he asked me to turn around and told me i had cute t*** as well. it was the first compliment i had been given in a long time. he stood up and came over to me and whispered in my ear that he wanted to f*** me. that he really needed to just f*** me.

what the h***, i said ok. i hadn't been f***** in a long time. maybe never. my husband is really a wimp and i had to initiate everything.

well, he took me to his place and stripped me and tied me to his bed and f***** me with a d**** and then he f***** me. he left me tied to his bed for a long time. he came by and fingered me and sucked my c***, and then he told me to turn over and put my rear up in the air so he could take me from behind. i did and he did.

he f**** me regularly now, he tells me when to be at his place to get f***** and i go to his place to get f*****. i won't say what all he has f***** me with, but lots of things. and i wait until he takes his thing out and f**** me, whichever way he wants.

he also gives me money, and i take the money because i need the money. and when he asks me if i am his w****, i tell him i am his w****. i am addicted to him now.


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  • Ah, don't worry. You are just having a nice and exciting escape from your screwed up life. You should ask the guy if he can find a friend to double team you with. Let those two guys f*** the s*** out of you. Keep it going as long as you want. You aren't really risking anything.

  • To me you have become a dirty filthy prostitute . When you married him it was through thick and thing . you are dirty .

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