That's weird.

Well last night was downright F'ing weird, My friend and I go out to the bar, Her husband comes to pick us up and we decide to go to one more bar before going home, She goes to the bathroom and he is...Being flirty, Just playful flirty, I was drunk and having fun and played along, She came back and he kept flirting, We leave the bar and go to their place which is right across the alley from my place and we sit on the patio, She says something about her bra bothering her and takes it off, I agree about bras and she tells me to take mine off, She is quite small chested and I am...Not but she says "Pfffft, No one here cares" and well...Off it comes, and i was self concious about my lack of cover but the drinks were flowing and a couple jokes were made and I got more comfortable.
A little while later a comment was made about ditching all underwear and I still don't know why but soom both of our thongs were on the table with our bras, Somewhere along the way I flashed my b**** and then she did, She stood up and hiked up her skirt and I was like (Oh s***...This is getting serious) I stand up and hike up my skirt and then we both sit down, he looks around, Stands up and drops his pants...Geeezus, My best friends husband is standing a foot away from me with his d*** out and he is...Lets say....Sizeable, I looked at her and said "Good gawd ***", She laughed and we carried on.
Needless to say since it has been approximately 6 months since I have had a (Real) d*** I was all hot and bothered seeing that he had a big, Nice looking d***, She made a comment about my nips and I was like "Hey!!! it's cold out here"(It was NOT), A little more messing around and she is sitting right next to me, He stands in front of us and whips it out, We both do a little touching and then everyone just stood up and went inside, Straight to the bedroom and clothes go flying, I will be honest, I have thought about it before and often thought I kinda knew how things would go and how it would proceed but never REALLY thought it would ever happen, well this started out the way I thought but ended waaaayyyy different than I expected.
We pretty much jumped under the covers, Let's be real, We all have kids so....we don't need to be putting on a show, Him behind her, Me facing her, Lots of kissing and touching, He got on top of her, I layed beside them touching both of them, He fingered me and I was 100% in, I would have agreed to pretty much anything, He rolls me onto my back, Spreads my legs and OOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEESSSSS, My gawd it felt so good, Just unreal, Sh lays beside me and licks and sucks my nips etc. He is going slow and steady and perfect and then she gets on her hands and knees and I was like (Okay, Here we go, this is the part I have been on the fence about) and he grabs her hips as she straddled me and then took position.
Honestly it was way better than I thought, I figured I would be all weirded out by it but I would totally do it again, Her O was not awful, She just shook and moaned and got really wet, Afterward she rolled onto her back and laid there breathing heavy, I had one that would have been way more embarrassing judging by the massive wet spot left, We switched to the other side of the bed and I figured she would join back in but instead she pulled the chair from the corner of the room over, Sat down and put her feet up on the bed and rubbed herself while watching us, He rolled me onto my stomach between her legs facing her and it was suprisingly erotic to watch her m********* while watching us.
We did a couple more positions with her watching and then 69'd and he had his arms under my legs holding them up but then he postured up almost choking me, I definitley ended up gagging a few times whith him in that poition but I felt her put her hands on my thighs and started licking me, My moaning was apparetly his tipping point because he pulled out of my mouth and shot his load all the way down my body while holding my legs up as I kicked and bucked and he had one hand rubbing my lips hard and fast and she was going in and pulling back as they made me squirt but I was beyond any ability to be embarrassed, I came and came and it was crazy.
Finally I begged him to stop and he slowed down then stopped, He gently let my legs down and got off of me and as i sat up she was still kneeling between my legs, My come was dripping down her chest and we were all like...Panting from exhaustion, That's when I got embarrassed and then she stood up, took my hands and rubbed my come all over her chest with my hands, She stood me up and led me to the shower and we showered off quick, We went back to the bedroom and she basically just pulled me into bed.
I woke up in the morning with her cuddeled up behind me, Him behind her with his arm over us both cupping my b*** and when I moved everyone woke up, We had a super awkward good morning and I declined an offer of coffee and then left but at the door I kissed her, I kissed him and then her again, Like full on kisses, tongue and all. So I don't know how to end this "Confession" except to say that at the monent, as weird as it was if my phone rang right now I don't think I could get to their house fast enough to do it again.

Mar 9, 2022

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  • Sounds like fun.

    We have s** with our neighbor often. It started out as a little girl:girl time

    But for the past 15 years it’s been a 3some. I love watching my hubby pound her. He has a huge D*** for a white man. Almost 9 inches and she is barely 5 foot tall and Jim is 6 foot 4

    My favorite is watch him pound her doggie style or watch her ride him while wearing his cowboy hat.

    But the best thing is licking all of his c** from her fire red bushy p****.

    Enjoy your new found relationship. There is nothing better

  • Sounds like you found a new hobby. And I can tell you it can be lots of fun, my wife and I started out with a MFM threesome and we both loved it. Soon we were having threesomes with several different guys. I wasn't sure what my wife would say if I suggested adding another girl to the fun but fortunately she said something first. We decided to find a couple to swap with, but things took a bit of an unexpected turn. We didn't know the wife of the couple was bi. But when she took one of Lynn's big t*** in her mouth I could tell she didn't mind a bit. So after that we specifically looked for couples with bi wives. We'd start out with the wives hooking up while the husbands took pictures. Then the husbands joined the girls with each others wife.

    We eventually did find some girls for FFM threesomes, one being my best friends wife. But he had no clue his wife was bi, nor did he know I was f****** her. We graduated to gang bangs, exhibitionism, s** in adult theaters & adult bookstores with glory holes and much more. We were in the swinger lifestyle for over 20 years and were fortunate to have not had the first bad experience. Now I enjoy sharing our experiences with others and hearing other peoples hot experiences, fantasies etc.

  • Wow, that really IS weird.

    SO weird.

    Much wow

  • Oh what it would be like to be a fly on the wall, I would probably keep falling off or get swatted knowing my luck ? Nice experience and thank you for sharing it !

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