Muslim immigrants

Im 19 white female from the uk and i have found that with all these muslims now in the country, they love meeting up with a white british girl who loves s**, i have slept with over 20 of all ages in last few months and they go made for us white british girls, obviously their woman dont know how to satify a man

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  • You're a piece of s***. Sorry, but these animals would love to chop your infidel head off.

  • Doubt it! although it is funny when they shout allah ak bar when they c**

  • Better then a donkey.

  • The governments should boot them back to where they came from their culture sucks

  • Feeling threatened?

  • They would have become more advanced than the western world however that didn't happen Islam shut down science in the area lol

  • By what Stone Age people

  • It's because they openly oppress women......probably terrible lays and stinky

  • No they so far have been pretty good lays and not always that stinky

  • Cool story

  • You know your just a peice of meat to them?

  • Of course, and thats why i like it

  • Love a girl who just loves being slutty fuckmeat for men to use, hawt!

  • Muslims r ok but think of nothing but their c**** chinks only want a*** hole

  • I got no problem with them f****** me in the arsehole, in fact i quite enjoy it

  • Your my kinda girl, loves it up the butt and in p**** being DP'd love it! Ever have all 3 holes filled at once?

  • Yes i have, quite a few times now

  • Your only 19 and had s** with 20 of them? wow :) A true s*** for muslim men. Maybe u can teach Arab girls to be like you.
    Are they into 3somes or g********? You should try to get them into it.

  • Well i never said i f***** all 20 one on one did i?

  • Wow :)
    you sound so sexy what do you look like?
    what's the kinkiest thing you did with them and with how many at one time?

  • The most was 4 guys, two were roughly my age the other two in mid fortys, they took turns on my half naked body and it ended with all of them cuming on my face and mouth

  • Does their cun taste different because of their different food they eat?

  • Yea it does, sort of a sour but sweet taste, but i swallow it all the same, well if i dont play with it first

  • You sound hot enough to make xxx video. Would love to watch you let all these men use you, then I pound all your holes

  • Just remember they love to cut off your c***.

  • Don't they have tiny circumcised toothpick d****?

  • Yea they are circumcised which i really like because its very clean, and no the ones i have f***** and sucked have been above adverage

  • Interesting, every Muslim girl I've been with has said I'm bigger and I just about measure as average.

    Uncircumcised d**** are clean to, just got to wash lol

  • Are the Muslim men good in bed do they like a*** or anything kinky

  • They love a***, love it when im all dressed up a love me swallowing their load

  • Do you dress all slutty for them? I bet you look so hot!
    do you know of any other British girls were doing what you're doing with these men?

  • Did they DP you or f*** ur 3 holed at once?

  • I have done with two diffrent, one with two guys mid 30s id say they were the first to dp me (although not the first ever) and the other time was the 4 guys u mentioned in the above comment xxxx

  • You sound like the perfect girl - sweet and sexy with a kinky wild side. Do u plan on keeping this sexcapade up? :)

  • Well for as long as i enjoy it, its forbidden for them so when im alone in a room dressed all slutty they love it, i enjoy corrupting them with my westen ways l****

  • Im sure youll enjoy it for some time to come sweetie :) If u were my gf I would let u do all u want.

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