Sexual milestones

I want to hear responses from people about their sexual accomplishments. I have always been considered a sexual freak. More advanced than other girls my age and not ashamed of it. If I thought I would enjoy it, I did it! Girls and guys can respond.
I want to hear things like:

1) first time, how young?
2) biggest c*** you have ever had?
3) most men you have had s** with at one time? or group s** in general?
4) best sexual experience ever?
5) ever tried bi?
6) Freakiest thing you ever did?

If you can think of anything to add, throw it in. Now that I have asked, I will fill in some of my answers.

I lost my virginity at the age of 12 to my older brother!
Biggest c*** I ever had was a beautiful 11 inch black c***. Myself, and husband, attended a small hotel party in Cincinnati. There were 2 couples and 3 hung black males. I tried to let him really plow me but he hit things way in the back that hurt, so i had to get on top and control how much I could take.
I was g********* by 8 black men at a house party once.
Best experience ever was a 3sum with a guy and I had my first DVP. I was on top riding the guy when my husband got in behind and pushed his c*** in my p****. The feeling of 2 c**** in my p**** at once was amazing! I highly suggest you girls try it.
Yes I have been with other girls and enjoyed it.
As for the freakiest thing. I guess doing my brother qualifies, and I have done a lot of public s** acts. But I would have to pick the first time we experienced cuckold play. We had a 3sum with a black guy and it just kind of happened. As the guy f***** me doggy he ordered husband to crawl underneath and lick his b**** and ass to help him get off. When he unloaded in my p**** he ordered husband to lick me clean. Before he left me and husband (BOTH) gave him a b******* and he shot his load on our faces. Making out as we licked the c** off each others face was hot!

Mar 14

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  • I’m a 50 year old mother of 3 (23, 21 and 19 years of age). My two oldest are boys and the youngest a beautiful young lady.

    I’ve been married for almost 26 years but was a promiscuous young lady before meeting my hubby at the age of 23.

    To answer your questions.

    1) first time, how young? 12 years old

    2) biggest c*** you have ever had? A huge BBC just shy of 10 inches and wider than a Red Bull can

    3) most men you have had s** with at one time? or group s** in general? My freshman year in college I had s** with 6 of my BF’s fraternity brothers when he was a pledge. Needless to say they let him join after that night

    4) best sexual experience ever? The weekend of my 25th anniversary my hubby arranged for 3 young black men in their late teens to fulfill my fantasy. Little did he know it was reliving a fantasy.

    5) ever tried bi? Yes, my hubby and neighbor have regular threesomes for special occasions. I love watch my husband pound her. And I get to lock up the mess!

    6) Freakiest thing you ever did? I still have relations with the young men mentioned in #4 above

    My ultimate fantasy is to have my hubby eat me out after the boys have their way without him knowing I had been with anyone

    BTW, I had been with over 60 men from aged 16-65 before I met my husband on my 23rd birthday. After I met my hubby I was faithful till he brought those three studs into my life which brought me back to my younger days.

    Nothing beats young BBC!

  • My wife had s** with 6 men in one night she started dating black men and loves it

  • From the previous comment I can see there are a few Joe Biden fans on this site.

  • Hello, my name is Marcel Shihadeh. As for your questions:

    (1) I was 13, f****** everything in sight. Must have done a few raccoons too.

    (2) Biggest one was an 22-inch monster I took in every hole, including both my ears.

    (3) Men? Oh God, must have done a whole circle of 90 weirdos. One guy I f***** ended up getting busted in To Catch a Predator.

    (4) Best one involved a cat, a dog, a pair of tweezers & somebody's testicles in a jar. Don't remember what happened.

    (5) Dude, I've accumulated 12 genders. I'm more than just bi!

    (6) Wanted to f*** this homeless squaw, she offered me her mouth on my c*** for a bottle of moonshine. Instead, drove her home and kissed her on the cheek. Freaky!

  • It funny. These were serious questions

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