Hippie traditions are causing problems

My grandparents were 100%, lived in a commune, communist, California hippies. My parents met as children in the commune. They adopted and maintained the hippie lifestyle to an extent. The main difference being a more functional education and employment.
One tradition that has carried through our family down to myself and my brother (both in our 20's). I guess they used to call it "free love". A major lack of inhibitions and a thought that the human body and s** are perfectly natural things. From my first memories, within the confines of the home and private places, our family were basically nudists. And another leftover from that commune mindset is that our family practices what most people refer to as "incest". It was not forced on me or my brother. When we were old enough to understand it was explained to us and we were given the freedom to choose whether to participate or not when we were ready. And we both chose to participate.
You can see how this home environment would put a monkey wrench in my friendships and romantic relationships. I had to be extremely careful having friends over to the house. Relatives like my cousins were no big deal, they all lived the same lifestyle. In my teenage years I had one really close friend who actually thought the nudist thing was a hoot. She kept the secret and had no problem getting naked. She didn't know about our family sexual relationships though.
I am currently in my second very serious romantic relationship and I don't know what to do. He has wanted to meet my family but I have stonewalled him. My first serious relationship was in college and ended with a broken heart. Mine. I opened up and told him everything. He seemed to understand cope with it. But after he joined me for a weekend at my parents house things fell apart. Funny thing is, he didn't seem too unhappy when he was having marathon s** with my "still very attractive" mother. Later he expressed disgust at the sight of me and my father having s**.
Things are serious with my current boyfriend. I plan on telling him everything and see what happens.

Mar 14

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  • WTF!!! I give up!

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