Now I'm a cuckold

My wife Sue and I have a big house in the country; on weekends we host parties, which more and more end up in pickups and swapping. Once on a Friday nite my wife's boss, an older divorcee, led me into a bedroom and I gave it to her good on the bed. But up to now Sue has not been tempted, though she has had lots of experience; she was far from being a virgin when I met her.
One of my work buddies is Carl, a single black guy, athletic and very good-looking. Last week I invited him to our Friday nite party, hoping he would find somebody's willing wife. He came early, had a few drinks and soon was chatting and joking with Sue. I put on some soft music, soon everyone was dancing, no one with their spouse, so I knew there would be a lineup for the bedrooms. And Carl was dancing with Sue; she was pressing close to him and whispering in his ear, and when the music stopped I saw that huge bulge in the front of his pants.
I put on more music and danced with my wife's sister, and she let me know in that womanly way that she was available. But when I looked around for Carl and Sue, they were gone. A quick check, all of the bedroom doors were still open. Outside, walked up the driveway to Carl's white van, the windows were open, a CD was playing and the car was gently rocking. I tiptoed up to a back window, saw a couple down on the back seat, the woman's plump legs
spread wide and her knees above his back. I recognized Sue's panties hanging from one ankle, and the man's black back left me no doubt. I stood quiet, listening to them both panting, watched Carl's hips pumping, and Sue's little cries of pleasure. So for a good 10 minutes I stood quietly, watching and listening, while my best buddy f***** the ass of of my wife.
Surprise, my sweet little Sue had her gasping, crying out climax first, then it was his turn. The stroking stopped, his back stiffened, and he cried out in pleasure, as he emptied his testicles deep inside my wife's soft hairy p****.
I hurried back to the house; they came in separately, and soon Carl was
joking and smiling with me, all normal, never dreaming that I knew he had just f***** my wife. Later in bed, Sue shyly confessed, and I knew she was going back to her teenage years, an easy first date lay, and I was going to be a cuckold many times in our future.

Mar 16, 2022

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  • Like to hear from folks that like to read naughty wife stories like this and maybe share some pictures too. Hope to find some new friends in N.E. Ohio to chat with to.

  • Sounds like you didn't mind. Get them a gift card for a nice restaurant and book a hotel so Sue and Carl can go hang out there after dinner. Don't forget to order breakfast for room service for them. Take good care of Sue and her boyfriend.

  • Pretty sure I've seen this story on multiple occasions, multiple sites

  • Sounds like you are a rather willing cuckold with a very hot wife. Please continue to share

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