I started life bad and then got lucky

My past is complicated in a pretty bad way. My father had s** with me at 11. He was drunk. When I had a miscarriage at school the nurse turned it in to the authorities, he was sent to prison for 15 years. My mother and I went from bad to worse, without his paycheck we went on welfare and moved into assisted housing. We were robbed and my mother was beat up. She got on drugs and OD and I went into foster care. My foster family finished raising me and I went to a small college.

I went to work after college at a nice family owned business. The owner got me to talk and I told him everything. He hugged me for a long time and I didn't want to let go. I ended up having s** with him and his wife found out and I was fired. I went from job to job, not because I couldn't do the job but because I was in love. I went to his house and begged his wife for forgiveness and asked her take me back. She did and I had s** with him a week later.

I went with them to on a spring break holiday to Baja California. We stayed in a suite with two bedrooms and a living area. She came to my room and told me to take my pillow and make him happy. After he was happy she came to bed and we all slept together. She told me that if she couldn't have him I couldn't either and we were going to share and share alike. From then on we sleep together and she and I share a pillow.

He may crawl all over us but she and I sleep together, tighter than tight, woman to woman, we rub on each other and we can make out and o*****. He doesn't mind, he says it keeps us from running around on him. And that's where I am today. And if you ask me, is it better to let him crawl all over me or to go t** to t** with her and the answer is easy, once I kissed with her and we found out we could squeeze and rub together he comes in second.

Mar 16

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