My wife has gotten multiple tattoos and it looks beautiful. She has two full sleaves a full back to butt tattoo and undrrboomb and mons tattoo. She has her tongue, nose, nipples, belly button and c*** pierced. I love tte change and transformation since we got married at 22 5 years ago. She is also more comfortable being nude. I brought her to a party and people were jumping into the pool and the women were swimming naked. When they were coming out I told my wife snd her frirnd Christine they shouldnt get dressed. They teased me sbout wanting to show her off and I said I liked guys seeing her tats. My wife is the oy one with body art so they agreeded to be nude for the rest of the night. I told her I love her showing off her a****** so she made sure she did.

Mar 23

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  • My wife went in for a red heart tattoo, she wanted it right below her panty line at the top.
    Th artist told her she needed to take off her panties to do it properly, she declined and came home to tell me what happened.
    I asked her why not? I was no big deal, so she asked me if I would be there when he did the tattoo.
    So I got to watch as she lay there with her legs spread, to "stretch" the skin is what he said, but I think he just liked looking at her p****.

  • Do you want a medal! No wonder people are rooting anyone these days. They have no respect for themselves or others. Traditional values are hard to find.
    There is so much crap in this world and there are some people who do not value modesty or integrity. It's all about themselves and their selfish values and their impoverished standards. The selfies that people continuously take of themselves, is just attention seeking behavior. Body art is appreciated but some people use it for all the wrong reasons.

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