A girl can't walk away from her lesbian self

My friends call me Zuki. A nickname I got when I was a little kid. I grew up in a large family, six brothers and sisters. I guess I'm the only one that found the same s** attractive. I knew it pretty early on, like the fourth grade when I got my first hard crush on a girl. Most people don't believe that you can be hot between the legs at that age but I certainly was. I masturbating about her.

But nothing happened, she went on to marry a regular guy and I went on to a life of one disappointment after another. I had my share of lovers, most were pretty short term and I only had one that lasted three years. We broke up over of all things a younger woman. I was 25 so go figure. I went home, broke and broken hearted. It was only then that I told my mother that I liked girls. She wasn't shocked but she was very upset, I guess the truth hurts but didn't surprise her. Her advise was, find a man and get married and get that nonsense behind you.

I did meet a man, he's a CPA with a successful practice (no, at that time I had no idea what a CPA was). He had a girlfriend but he lost her to a brain aneurism and was single. I guess he was looking for company, I don't think it was love. I was looking to be supported, period. I was broke and without any prospects for any kind of job other than food service or a clerk in an office. Still hurt because I was dumped I let him have s** with me. My first time having intercourse. Women are built for it, that's all I can say about it.

We got married six months after meeting him, I moved into his house and because my mother insisted I let myself get pregnant and decided that I would be straight as an arrow and give up any relationship with women. After my son was born, I had a really nice nurse with my baby doctor, I met her at a fund raiser I went with my mother. I crushed, worse crush ever, I was wet and hot between the legs. Even though I knew her, I had never seen her in her civilian clothes. She was every kind of beautiful you can think of, I'm a sucker for b******, her b****** are amazing. Her hip structure, her ass. It was love at first sight almost.

I didn't now it then that she also liked to play with another girl and we saw each other here and there and the crush just didn't go away. I called her and she agreed to meet with me. I'm not a wall flower, and I have enough experience to know that in the girl meets girl world you have to find out early on. You ask. Not 'do you suck d***'. No, you ask, have you ever felt something for another girl, because I definitely feel something for you. More subtle.

She is everything I thought she was, the first part is s**, no different than normal people, you want her clothes off, you want your hands on those marvelous b******, you want her pants off, you want your face between those woman thighs of hers. When I'm hot like that I don't hold back.

The relationship put my marriage in danger. My husband was not understanding and he was not forgiving. He gave me an ultimatum, not embarrass him, not see 'that' girl again, do not, with a very strict DO NOT engage in anything like that again. Then to appease me he said I could have another child. That's how men are, here have a child it will take care of everything. Well I had another child. And the nurse of my first child nursed me through my second child and she lets me nuzzle in her b******, she lets me kiss her lips, she lets me lose myself between those wonderful woman thighs of hers. A girl has to do what a girl has to do and my husband has to look the other way.

Mar 27

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  • Yes. Because deep down you crave a man's p****. Its NATURAL its NORMAL. Whats so special about being a lesbian? You people hate each other. Love is love is actually bs. God is Love and he will forgive you should you repent of your sins and be baptized in His name. You people fight so hard for nothing because deep down you fight yourselves and don't accept yourself. Get right with God. He'll cure you.

  • Just from the title itself, I would say, yes she can.

  • No, she can. Licking carpet is a choice. But lesbians don't love each other or themselves...facts. whats next? The devil made me do it? You got that part right within your "community".

    Remember that shooting in Orlando? Other gays used each other as human shields...let that sink in. Love is love my @$$! Makes no sense.

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